Saturday, May 4, 2013

Solstice Release Party

Solstice Release Party
May 3-4, 2013

Debbie Christiana has released her new release Solstice. To celebrate, Ravenz Reviews is hosting the event over on Facebook. We're giving away tons of stuff including signed paperbacks of Solstice, Debbie's first book, Twin Flames, ebooks, swag packs, Amazon gift cards, and both days we're giving away a grand prize. So head over to the event and join in the fun! Oh, and don't forget to check out Debbie's blog where the main character in Solstice, Sofia is hosting. She shares with us the history of Liquore Strega.

Blurb for Solstice

Time is running out for Armend Zogu. The 250-year old family curse on his head will claim him on his 30th birthday, the winter solstice.
Sofia Palmalosi is just the Strega who can save him. A descendant of a long line of powerful Italian witches, their magic was a gift bestowed on them by the Goddess Diana.
In order to break the curse, Sofia and Armend must piece together the sheet music for a sonata Armend's ancestor composed on his violin for his forbidden love.
Together Sofia and Armend embark on a journey from New York to Sicily and the ancient ruins of Diana’s temple and back to New York while fighting a battle of wits and magic with a psychopath who wants them both dead and the curse intact.
If the curse doesn’t kill Armend, breaking it just might.

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