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Becoming Pvt Harmon by Casey Sean Harmon

Becoming PVT Harmon: My Journal from Army Becoming Basic Combat Training

by Casey Sean Harmon:

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Ever wonder what it's like to go through Army Basic Combat Training? The reality may surprise you. For the first time ever, experience the making of a U.S. Soldier through the eyes of a Soldier-in-training. This is a behind-the-scenes glimpse at things that you'll never read about in newspapers or see on television. From the humor in "canteen bowling" to the power of believing in something bigger than ourselves, this book captures the very essence of what is considered one of the most challenging--and rewarding--transitions a civilian will make: becoming a Soldier. You will witness fear, excitement, and death. And you'll learn what separates a Soldier from a civilian.

Whether you are a parent, a Soldier candidate awaiting training, or just someone looking for a good read, it is mandatory that you read  Becoming PVT Harmon!

     Today we conquered “Victory Tower.” Talk about awesome! The Drill Sergeants taught us how to rappel down a slanted wall that was twelve-foot tall. Just when we thought that things were finally easing up a bit, they had us rappel down a vertical wall that was two-hundred-foot tall! Of course, the Drill Sergeants had to have a little fun with us first.    While they were giving us a demonstration, one of the Drill Sergeants threw a dummy off the side of the tower. At first we thought that it was a real person, and watched in horror as the dummy landed face-first on the ground. 
   “That’s what happens if you fail to strap yourself in properly,” one of the Drill Sergeants yelled from the top of the wall. “This time it was only a dummy. A few years ago a young troop was up here, fell off and died. Let’s not let that happen today. Hooah?” 
    We all let out a thunderous, “Hooah!” 
    When it was my turn to climb up to the top of the tower, my knees were shaking so bad I didn’t think I could do it. But I forced myself to climb to the top. And once I got up there, and realized how high up I was, the only thing I could think about was getting this over with. 
    The Drill Sergeant strapped me into the harness, showed me how to handle the rope, and then told me to turn around and rappel down the wall. 
    “This is the only way down,” he told me. “Just don’t think about it.”

    I did what the Drill Sergeants had taught me, and in no time I had rappelled to the bottom of the wall. It turned out to be rather fun! And it was a good thing that I enjoyed it so much, because I ended up doing it three more times!

About the Author
Casey Sean Harmon is a bestselling author and a Soldier in the U.S. Army. He has studied with the Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writer's Guild, and holds a degree through American Military University. He lives with his wife and son wherever the military sends them.

Three Questions:
(Since I already asked my usual three questions when I interviewed him for The Everlasting Chronicles, I am changing the questions just a bit)

Q - How old were you when you first started considering a career in the military?
Casey Sean Harmon - I was around ten years old when I started thinking about the military. As I grew older, I was actually leaning toward joining the Navy. (I have always had a fascination for ships and the ocean.) But fate would have different plans for me, and I ended up joining the Army when I was nineteen.

Q - If you knew then what you know now, would you still enlist? 
Casey Sean Harmon - Of course! I have learned so much in the Army, and have made many lifelong friends. My confidence in myself has grown so much over the years, I'm confident I can handle any task that life throws my way. Even if I don't do the full 20, I will always be able to profit from my experiences in the service.

Q - If you could have lunch with anyone, any time, who would you choose?
Casey Sean Harmon - That's a tough one. I'd say it's a toss up between Stephen Spielberg (my favorite director) and Brad Paisley (my favorite country music artist).

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Kerry's review of Becoming Pvt Harmon

Firstly, I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to (now) Sgt. Harmon and his family for everything they have done and continue to do for us all. It also takes a lot to share something as personal as a journal with the world and I appreciate it.

That being said, this book gives us a small insight as to what is demanded of our military personnel. Not really having any knowledge of the military, I found some of the things these men and women go through to be a bit extreme but I also understand the reasoning behind it all. The writing gives us a raw, behind-the-scenes view of life in the eyes of a civilian turning into a Soldier. As the person holding the pen changes, so does the writing style and the mindset of what is happening. You see bonds being forged between Soldiers and you are exposed to others at their worst possible breaking point. I know the names have been changed and some of the situations have been omitted for content but you still feel all the emotion behind each word. It is a short read, however I still found myself needing to put it down a few times just to let it sink in and not get too overwhelmed.

I do have a cousin that just started at West Point and I will definitely be buying him his own paperback of this. Be sure to get your copy too!

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