Saturday, December 13, 2014

CM Wright -- Day 2

On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me
C. M. Wright, Zombie Queen

Wife and mother who lives outside Skidmore Missouri, C. M. loves all things zombie and is a huge fan of The Walking Dead.
She likes to laugh and make others laugh, so she does her best to bring that to her readers...for the Zombie Overload series, anyway.
Eventually, she plans to write about other creatures that go bump in the night.

Note from Author:
Thanks for taking the time to read my bio and extra thanks if you have read, or plan to read, my book(s). Lastly, please leave a review for ALL books that you read. Reviews are important to continuing book series, and other work, from writers you love.
I always answer emails, messages, and questions from fans. Don't believe me? Email me here

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Blurbs, Excerpts & Links

Dying To Live & Fighting To Live
A novelette and full-length story in one!

Admit it. You think about it, fantasize about it, live through it in your head. But what would you do if zombies became a reality? If you actually were to see the dead walk, attack and kill people you know - who then rise right in front of your eyes? What would you do when the undead don't follow the script you've played out - over and over - in your own mind?

 Find out what happens to a woman in central Illinois when her life is
turned upside down. Zombies become real and so does the danger. Her
family means the most to her, but can she keep them alive? Can she keep
herself alive?
In this double edition that begins with a novelette, you are a big part of the story. The main character "speaks" to you often and you're invited into her thoughts - which can be quite humorous at times. She's not perfect and she knows it. She strong and she's a fighter...but she doesn't know it.

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Excerpt - Dying To Live:

If we weren't watching the local five o'clock news, we would never have known the "virus" that was reported just last night as “contained” and “no reason for alarm” was this serious, or so very deadly, until it was too late.

No one ever said the infected were going around eating people! Maybe I'm wrong, but that might be some important information.
Just sayin'!
We watch the images on the screen. An elderly man is tearing into the flesh of an athletic younger man. A petite young lady in a college sweatshirt is covered in the blood of a well-known college professor. Pieces of his stomach is in her hands, some is in her mouth.
And the kids! We watch as one little blond-haired girl, maybe five years old, chomps down on the meaty thigh of a police officer. We see two boys in the background - both look to be under ten years old - chasing a small group of adults.
The local female reporter's voice comes on and the camera swings toward her. Her usually perfect hair and makeup are a mess and her normally smooth voice is uncontrolled and shaky. You can see the microphone in her hand jerking around as her entire body trembles with fear.
Behind her, the scenes of horror and fiction-turned-reality continue. The reporter tells us that the “infected” have escaped confinement and the entire city, at least, is in danger.
She informs whoever is watching that the cemeteries have been emptied of all corpses, and that no one is taking responsibility for the removal of the corpses.
Obviously, she has never watched a George Romero movie or she would know exactly what happened to those corpses!
Right before our eyes, a man in a business suit staggers up behind her. The view on our TV screen jerks as the cameraman screams a warning at her. But he's too late. The businessman's hand wraps around her slender throat, pulling her back against him as he opens his mouth.
She tries to get away from him, but he's so much stronger. He lowers his snarling, wide mouth and tears off her entire right cheek with his full set of teeth. The sound her flesh makes as it's ripped away carries clearly through the mic to the viewers.
The camera slams to the ground and I jump as her body does the same and she's suddenly back in front of the camera, her lifeless eyes staring into the lens, one last time.

Excerpt - Fighting To Live:

Jake slams into the wall behind him. He pats his head frantically, I guess to make sure it's still there and in one piece. He looks at me like I'm crazy then looks behind him.

 Lying in the hall, half-in half-out the next corridor, is a zombie with a bullet smack-dab in the center of his forehead.
Hell yeah!
Jake looks back and forth with shock in his eyes.
God, that just made my day.
Scaring the shit out of Mr. Badass Sergeant Major.
I hide my big shit-eating grin before he looks back at me again. He clears his throat and says, "Uh, good job. Who taught you to shoot, anyway?"
"Video games," I say and turn my back to him and get into position - my butt sticking out - waiting for him to do the same.
I silently laugh when I imagine the look on his face. And it's true. That's the only training I've had with a gun, but you better believe I'm damn good on those games! I'll admit I wasn't expecting the power of the jerk that the gun made in my hand, or the deafening sound it would make. I thought that was just shotguns. Learn something new everyday!
I feel his butt against my back and we start off. I expect the rest of the undead to come for us now that they heard some noise.
We turn the corner and step over the zombie. So far, none of the few open doors held any surprises. In this hall though, they are all open so it takes us a lot longer, having to go slower, check every room, and close the doors as we clear them. Two doors away, we hear grunting and things being knocked over.
Slowly and cautiously, we approach the door. Jake turns slightly and puts his hand up telling me to stay. He spins to the other side of the door and I roll my eyes.
Drama, anyone?
I move closer to my side of the door and raise my gun. He counts off to three, then spins into the room. What we see leaves us both speechless.
This zombie-man is naked! Bare...ass...naked!
What the hell?
Jake looks at me as I look at him. He mouths one word, "Showers." So he was in the showers when he was bit.
Alrighty then!
They have showers here?


1) What inspired you to write your first book?

The Walking Dead went on season break. Pissed me off, so I made my own zombie world.

2) How did you come up with the title for each book?

That is the part I HATE THE MOST! A lot of hours wasted on titles and names. UGH! I have no idea. They pop in my head and I run with it if it sounds even remotely okay.

3) Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

Um, zombies will eat you? LOL Not really anything big and life changing in regards to any messages, I don't think.

4) Are the experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life?

Actually, the entire series is jam-packed with people I know, both friends and family, and I try to keep a lot of their real personalities in the books.

5) What books have influenced your life the most?

I can't really say any book has influenced my life at all. Maybe I'm wrong and something has stuck and changed me, but if so, it was done without any conscious thought on my part.

6) If you had to choose, which writer would consider a mentor?

Stephen King. He's the...well, KING!

7) What book are you reading now?

I actually just finished up the Much Ado series by Jacquie Rogers - holy crap! Those are some good books! You all need to grab those suckers up. I'm about to start The Shadow-Keepers Series by Jas T Ward.

8) Are there any new authors that have grabbed your attention?

Being an author promoter as well as an author, of course! I find new authors, or they find me really, and new books every day.

The mot recent are Cynthia Ogren and Amber Polo, who I'm actually promoting right now.

9) What are your current projects?

Book six in the Zombie Overload Series. If I don't finish it soon, the death threats may progress into more than threats!

10) If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your books?

Just one and I really don't want to talk about it, since it concerns my dad who passed away a year ago November.

11) Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?

Not really. I can always remember writing something.

12) Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

Major writer's block. MAJOR.

13) What the hardest part of writing your book?

Getting past the writer's block. That's really the hardest part. When I'm able to write, there's no stopping me!

14) Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it?

Oh, I learned a lot! Number one, even if you had the highest grades in English class in school, you still will screw up. Number two, you can NOT edit your own work. Your brain doesn't allow you to see where you screwed up. Number three, you will always have haters, no matter what you do, so just go with it, screw with them when you can and let it go. Remember the ones who love you and your work.

I have to tell you a story about number three - I had a reviewer bash one of my books and had written something about how I will probably title my next book something lame and stupid like Will To Live. I actually had a different name in mind, but since he wrote that, I decided to title it Will To Live. Just my way of giving him the finger! LOL

15) Do you have any advice for writers?

Besides number three above, write what YOU want to write. Don't let anyone dictate what your heart desires when it comes to your writing. Stop being scared to take your work where YOU want it to go. I have a LOT of suggestions, but since this is just an interview, and not a novel, I won't put them all here, but I am open to helping anyone who wants serious help and suggestions. I also have a lot of tips in an ebook I wrote just for authors titled Author Promoting & Image and can be found on Amazon or my website for 99¢. Just search for CM Wright

16) Do you have anything specific to say to your readers?

I LOVE YOU, all of you, the ones who love my work and also the ones who hate it. The ones who love it keep me writing. The ones who hate it keep the flames of passion going. Go on and hate me; you're only doing me and my work a favor!

17) What would you do in a zombie apocalypse should it occur on Black Friday?

Wait. Didn't that already happen? Oh. No? Could've fooled me! What I would normally do I guess. I don't shop on Black Friday, not even this year. I did go the night before with my sister, but we didn't stay long and didn't go many places. Just got our shit and ran. Since I live out in the country, and have few neighbors, I doubt it would be any worse than if it happened on any other day.

18) If you could be any Christmas character, what would you be and why?

Santa! Except I would totally suck at being all sneaky and behind the scenes. I would want to see each child open their gifts! GOOD GAWD, that would take a long-ass time though, wouldn't it? Nah. I'll let Big Red do his thing.

19) Favorite Christmas movie?

Home Alone

20) Favorite Christmas CD?

Um, don't know the title but it has a mix of songs by different singers.

21) Favorite thing to do for the holidays?

My family's Christmas Eve tradition. We all dress in our warmest PJs and drive around looking at Christmas lights/decorations while listening to Christmas music. When we get home, we have cookies, hot cocoa, dad reads the Christmas Story from the bible, we sing a few Christmas carols, and watch a Christmas movie.

On New Year's Eve (yes, I know you didn’t ask, but try and stop me!) my husband and I write down all the good and all the bad that happened that year. Then we seal it and put it in our keepsakes box. We're going to open them on our tenth New Year's Eve together and every ten years after that.

Besides her Zombie Overload series, CM Wright has also edited a couple of anthologies: Zombie Addiction and Heart Attacks, and she has her Zombie 101 books.


  1. NOTE! I didn't do the editing on the anthologies, I had help with that. However, I believe I will actually DO the editing myself in the near future, as I've found a lot of things that were missed.
    Just wanted to clear that up! LOL

    Thank you for this Ravenz Reviews!