Friday, October 19, 2012

Bites: Ten Tales of Vampires

Bites is ten different stories written by ten different authors. Each author has taken their own individual views on vampires and created this fun and entertaining anothology.
First up:
Tangled Dreams
by Liv Rancourt
Choir chick, Allie, meets a mysterious and very handsome man, Roderick, after choir practice one night and after an amusing conversation about the choice of music, the pair agree to a dinner date. Allie's sister Renee imposes herself on their date and so it is that the three go to dinner. Dinner is bizarre, to say the least. After excusing herself to the ladies room, Allie returns to the table to find that both her sister and Roderick are gone. Several hours late, with the help of a waiter from the restaraunt, Allie locates her sister. Renee is sitting on a bench  with a blank star, mumbling. What did Roderick do to Renee to leave her walking like a zombie? That is the question...
Reality Bites
by Jim Bernheimer
Reality Bites is a fun read. Mr. Merrill is now a member of the undead and he wants his life insurance money. Unfortunately, Fundamental Insurance doesn't recognize vampires as being actually dead, since they haven't officially experience death.
Night Train
by Rayne Hall
Shelley, having just been touring Switzerland, decides to board a train and move on to less rain laden territories. The train is crowded and Shelley has a difficult time finding a sleeping car to occupy for the trip. Once finding a car to sleep in, she settles in for the night. Moments later, the conductor comes around to collect tickets. A polite man, he offers a friendly warning to Shelley about robbers and...vampires. She immediately thinks he's joking, but then other occupants of her car nod in agreement. The conductor continues to explain this is especially a problem in the winter. Right away she starts thinking of ways to get off the train but the next stop isn't until morning. Paralyzed by fear, she climbs into her little space to wait out the night...and to see who didn't make it.
Winter Flower
by Jonathon Broughton

Set in London in what I can only guess is early 1900's, Cecelia is anything but the proper lady her mother wishes she was. Old widow Lady Milligan is known for her psychical research and her knack for successfully matching couples. Cecelia's social climbing mother has high hopes that Lady Milligan has chosen Cecelia for a very important match. Cecelia has no desire to marry anyone she doesn't love  and would rather spend her time in the gardens tending to her flowers. Despite her mother's insistence to stop acting like a common gardner, Cecelia persues her love of horticulture.
During her visit with Lady Milligan, Cecelia becomes entranced with Antoine, the Lady's servant. Upon learning of her love for horticulture, Lady Milligan asks Cecelia to accompany Antoine to the library and help him translate the names of the herbs he needs. Almost too excited to contain herself, Cecelia agrees to help Antoine. Once the pair are alone, Cecelia learns of Antoine's true intentions. The match has been made. This story really displays the romantic side of vampires nicely.

It's in your blood
by Pamela Turner
"Emily claimed Goth citizenship, Anna carried a green card"

The two met in college when Anna became curious about the music Emily was listening to. It was in that moment the two became friends and Emily taught Anna everything she needed to know about the Goth subculture. One night, Anna and Emily are preparing to go to a party in a cemetary, though Anna is reluctant. Once they arrive at the party, Anna realizes this is no ordinary party and that she is the guest of honor.

The Land of the Rising Sun
by Debbie Christiana

After a deadly earthquake hits Sendai, Japan, Karl and his search and rescue team go in to look for survivirs that the former search and rescue team couldn't reach. Karl's team has certain advantages over the other team. Moments into the their search, Karl and his partner find  a young woman who has been crushed from the waist down, clinging to life. Karl sits with her while his partner goes for help. In the brief moments alone with the young woman, Karl makes a monumental mistake, one that will cost many people their lives.

The Fledgling Doubt
By Lana Bange

Vampire hunter, Amy Hunt, is tracking a fledgling through the Farrington Subway station when it all goes terribly wrong. The fledgling is killed, leaving behind a gory mess but before he was killed, he managed to bite his victim, only Amy isn't sure about that yet. So, she accompanies the woman to the hospital  and stands vigil until she knows if a change will occur. By the time the whole ordeal is over, the only thing Amy wants to do is leave London.

The Dhampir's Kiss
by Carole Ann Moleti

This is a hard one for me to sum up and review. I can't say I really enjoyed this story. Lord Dhampir Raul recalls the events of the night his mother was killed and he was changed into a vampire, as he stalks Taina. If I am understanding this correctly, Taina is seeking revenge against the vampire and werewolf that attacked her more than a decade ago. Raul plans to silence her either by turning her or killing her. You'll have to read this one and judge for yourself.

By Amy Grey

Madeleine Jameson, a Vegas showgirl, decides to take a vacation after injuring her leg during a chorus. Laying out poolside at the resort, she meets fellow American, Ricki Shannon who openly admits to her use of gigalos and suggests Madeleine gives it a try. Madeleine, slightly appalled, politely excuses herself and goes about her business. Days blend into weeks and Madeleine is enjoying the "zen-like balance" she has achieved, her bizarre conversation with Ricki already forgotten. One night, while getting ready for bed, a man knocks on her door saying that Ricki sent him. With every fiber of her being, she wants to deny him entrance but something inside her won't let her. Their night together is nothing short of amazing and they agree to meet again for a second time. After their second time together, they both admit to falling in love. Madeleine knows that if there is a third time, she will become one of him, a vampire frozen in time and pain free. The idea of this new kind of life is so appealing that she almost goes thru with it. Almost....


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  1. Hi Raven, It was such fun to be a part of this anthology and I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for taking the time to write something about each story, it will mean a lot to all the authors.