Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Last Resort
by Toy Davis

Uptight, snobby, and entitled, Hailey, thinks she's meeting her newest boyfriend, Flow, for a romantic weekend at his family's cabin in the woods. Upon her arrival, Hailey is greeted not only by Flow, but by several of his friends, none of which care for Hailey in the least. The others make no secret of their distaste for Hailey and she makes no secret of her distaste for them as well. After the first round of insults have been dished out, the group settle in for some pot smoking, munchies and ghost stories. Among the stories is the one about the very cabin they are currently occupying. Having come to be known as "The Last Resort", rumor has it that five families were all murdered in the cabin, and though it's been years, it is believed that the killer is still on the loose.

Laughing off the rumors as mere legend, the group plays a couple of typical slumber party type games, though this is anything but a teenage slumber party. They decide on a more adult version of "Truth or Dare" and "Hide and Go Get it" and the games begin. Truth or Dare becomes a little heated when it is revealed that one person is gay. one has abused prescription drugs, and the most surprising, Flow wouldn't "fuck Hailey even if by doing so would save his life". It takes everything inside Hailey not to break down and show just how hurt she is by Flow's revelation. When everyone decides that Truth or Dare has become boring, Hailey decides to go to bed and the rest of the group decide to play "Hide and Go Get It", a more adult version of Hide and Go Seek. This is when things start to become real and legend is not just legend anymore.

The Last Resort is a classic teenage thriller, though the characters are anything but children. I really only have one problem with this story. The author does not always make clear who is speaking at t he time. When the whole group is together, it is often unclear as to who the dialogue is coming from.

That being said, this is a good story. If the dialogue was more clear, I think this could be a really great story. The plot itself is entertaining and if you don't find the use of the word Fag offensive or if you can look past it for the sake of enjoying a good story, the go grab a copy and enjoy.

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