Thursday, January 10, 2013

Review of Eternal Island by K.S. Haigwood and Ella Mendler


This is going to be an AMAZING series! I fell in love with the character almost immediately. This is definitely a book you want to start when you know you won't be interupted because once you start, you will not want to stop!

Ariana Lochalan just lost her husband Michael in a freak accident while he was at work. When family and friends break the news to her, she goes into a state of shock, collapses, and does not wake up. She's not dead. She's in a coma. She's admitted to a psychiatric hospital so she can be monitored, but there really isn't anything they can do for her until she wakes up.

Abe Cambridge is a 900 year old vampire, the High Vampire of Eternal Island, and convinced that love does not exist, especially for him. His undead life is full of meaningless one night stands, that is until Rainey, his personal psychic tells him that he will fall in love. Of course Abe thinks that Rainey is just pulling his metaphorical chain because, aferall, love doesn't exist. To further prove her point, she shows him an image of a woman that he will love and will spend eternity with through her crystal ball. The moment Abe see's Ariana in the glass ball, he immediately falls in love. He demands that Rainey go and get her and bring her to him immediately. Being a powerful witch with a skill in compulsion, Rainey goes to the psychiatric hospital and awakens Ariana, convinces her to come with, and flies her back on Abe's private jet to Eternal Island.

Eternal Island (I totally want to live there) is an island that I think (based on geographical references) is off the coast of California and has been enchanted so that it is hidden to everyone unless you know the spell to make it appear for you. Although the island is populated primarily with vampires and witches, there are regualar humans that inhabit the island as well. This island is amazing! It is approximately 85 miles wide and the main highway is a straightaway from one end of the island to another. Quite a few of the inhabitants of the island have had a good time driving the length at full speed by the way. Everyone on the island has a job, not because they have expenses but more to keep the island running normally (or as normal as it can being populated with vampires and witches). The island has running water and electricity, it has cell phones (with free service), a shopping mall, restaurants, night clubs. Basically everything you can think of exists on the island. The money everyone makes at their various jobs is basically to pay for food, clothes, entertainment, and things of the like.

Now, back to Ariana and Abe. Ariana has no idea why she's been chosen to live on the island. She's still grieving for the loss of her husband, so personally, I think she believes this is all a dream until she actually gets to the island. No one is held on the island against their will, so Rainey does make it clear to her that if she ever wanted to leave the island, Rainey would wipe her memory, allow her to leave and go back to her life in Arkansas. On the trip back to the island, Rainey has another vision; one of Julia (the first person Abe turned 400 yrs ago, occassionally sleeps with, and who lets everyone believe sh is the High Vampess on the island) and Max (Abe's second in command). In this vision, Rainey see's that Julia and Max are plotting something to take Abe down. Upon arrival back on Eternal Island, Rainey shows Ariana to her living quarters, introducs her to Becky, Araian's new roommate, and excuses herself to "take care of business".

Abe is impatiently waiting for Rainey in her room when she gets back and after much convincing, tells Abe in no uncertain terms that he is not to tell Araiana how he feels about her or why she was brought to the island until Rainey can figure out what Julia and Max are up to. Meanwhile, Becky shows Ariana around and gives her the lay of the land, so to speak. Ariana is so fascinated with the island and the people and she wishes she weren't so ordinary. Rainey tells her that there is a spell that she can do to see if she has any witch blood in her. Of course Rainey tells her this just so she won't feel so out of place, never really thinking the spell will actually work, but it does. It reveals that Ariana is a pure natural witch, something Rainey has never even encountered before. Almost immediately, something is awoken within Ariana and her abilities start coming to life one right after the other. The first to emerge is the ability to read minds, then to heal. Her abilities are absolutely amazing. Now that Ariana can read minds, its going to be very hard to keep Abe's feelings a secret.

When Abe and Ariana meet for the first time, things are a little rocky. It gets to the point where Abe must tell Ariana the truth of why she's really been brought to the island. Ariana isn't sure she feels the same. She did just lose her husband afterall. I think she must feel that in a way, she's cheating on Michael (her husband), even though he is dead.

Can Ariana let Michael go and open her heart to new love? What are Julia and Max really planning? You need to go get this book to find out! You will love this story!

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  1. Sounds awesome! I live in the Bay Area so I'm doubly intrigued!