Thursday, January 10, 2013

Review of Ishtar Rising by Natalie Gibson

Ishtar Rising (Book 4) in the Sinnis Series

As I continue to read this series, I fall in love with the characters even more. Each story is amazing in its own right, but I have to say that just as I think that the installment I just finished is my favorite, Gibson releases yet another installment that I seem to love more than the last. Ishtar Rising is definitely my favorite thus far. I really liked the character of Tara Kay from the beginning. She was like the resident bad girl in the first book of the Sinnis series and I really enjoyed the rebel side of her. From the very beginning, she didn't take anyone's shit and she did her own thing, and that worked for her. I was upset when the Daughters kinda shunned her away and Tara Kay tried to find her own way with another coven, albiet an evil coven in comparrison to the Daughters. But the Daughters really didn't leave Tara Kay a choice. Now that Tara Kay is back in Ishtar Rising, we really see into her soul and understand her way of thinking and the choices that she has made in her life. I love that Tara Kay is given the opportunity to rise above the stigma that has been placed upon her. Of course holier than thou Natalia doesn't trust Tara Kay and wants to "eliminate" her. What really bothers me about Natalia is that she holds these prejudices against people and lives by this "what's good for the goose isn't good for the gander" mentality. Now that Tara Kay has been CHOSEN as a Sinnis, she deserves the same respect that Natalia demands and Camille has earned but instead, Natalia is furious that Tara Kay has created her own children and in essence, her own family. Tara Kay isn't out to create evil but rather a new breed of children that the MOTHER has chosen for her. Tara is the vessel for Kiyaweah and should be respected and instead, Natalia wants to destroy Tara Kay, her mate and all of her children. I can't wait to read the next installment of the Sinnis series and I can't wait for Tara Kay to rise further and continue on this beautiful journey that she was born and bred for.

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