Thursday, January 10, 2013

Review of Sirocco by Diane M Haynes


Sirocco is a short novella that ties in nicely to the first book in this new series by Diane Haynes. In Rift Healer, we are introduced to Haley and Lacey (twins), Taylor (Lacey's boyfriend), Micah (Haley's boyfriend) and Gisele (the elder herbalist that teaches the teens of the enchanted forest in which she has been entructed to protect). Sirocco comes 18 months after that wild summer in which we meet these characters. It's right after Christmas and the twins are back visiting their grandmother Clare for the holidays. During their brief holiday vacation, Gisele tells Haley that she will be teaching her how to gaze in the crystal ball and develop her skill. While crystal gazing, Haley has a vision of Gisele in grave health and that the only way to heal her is for Gisele to ride the back of the Sirocco, a half horse half dragon creature that heals anything that rides upon its back. Reluctantly and after much disagreement, Lacey and Taylor agree to help Haley open the slipstream to allow the Sirocco into their realm. Everything goes wrong from the moment the slipstream is opened and a more sinister creature, the Scintilla enters the realm with the Sirocco. The Scintilla carries Haley off and Lacey and Taylor are left alone in the forest wondering where the heck everyone went. Lacey runs back to Gisele's cabin for help and the three trench through the 3 feet of snow looking for Haley and fighting off the other nasty creatures that wormed their way through the slipstream that no one thought to close during the chaos. Although this is a short story to bridge Rift Healer with the upcoming new book Haynes has coming out, Necromancer, it is action packed and a great read. I loved Rift Healer and was so excited when Diane contacted me that she had written Sirocco and a sequel to Rift Healer. I'm anxiously awaiting Necromancer so I can see what the kids are up to next and if Gisele makes it. If you haven't read Rift Healer yet, grab it now then snag Sirocco and read all the fun and wild adventures Haley, Lacey, Taylor, Micah and Gisele go on.


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