Friday, December 13, 2013

FEATURING Charles The Cat and Patrick O'Scheen

Day Three of our 12 Days of Christmas Author Takeover features the writing duo Patrick O'Scheen and his roommate, Charles the Cat.  Charles insists he is the star of the wonderful Christmas thriller Kris, the story of an orphan teenager and a cat who were brought to a church orphanage as infants and raised by nuns. The Marithe series takes place in two worlds, the contemporary world where problems the characters face seem insurmountable. And in the mythical, online game realm of Marithe where the characters face even more. The books are stand-alone novels and do not necessarily need to be read in order, although they do intertwine.

What would it be like to locate the father that you never knew?

For Kris Cane this is a dream come true. However, Kris’ father has other ideas about his newly discovered son… The young orphan finds his family with the help of genetic testing, but something is terribly wrong. The boy tries to discover a way to survive as he is embroiled in a murder plot. Can he escape with the unlikely assistance of his cat, a nun, and a detective who wants to see his new-found parent jailed?
Kris is available for Kindle readers and in Paperback from AMAZON

Dreamer (book 1 of the Chronicles of Marithe)
We all have a little Dragon inside of us, something that struggles to find solace.….Dreamer is the first book in a series that portrays life as a mixture of fantasy and reality. The main character, Magic, flows between the worlds, often preferring one more than the other. Both of his lives are fraught with their own dangers. He must struggle with illness and alternatively with the life of a Great Red Dragon.
Dreamer is available for Kindle and in Paperback from AMAZON

Seer (book 2 of the Chronicles of Marithe)
The world of Marithe is back! The story of a young gamer named Xavier is woven into a plot of denial, betrayal and intrigue. He lives a double life running from those who would use him and searching for unencumbered love. Demons and gypsies fill the game panorama, entangling Xavier in a disaster that could destroy the dragon race and profoundly change his world….
Seer is available for Kindle and in Paperback from AMAZON

Watch for the third book in the Marithe series, Dancer, available very soon

Patrick O'Scheen says:
Who is Patrick O'Scheen? I ask myself this often. A sailor, a chef, a writer...even I'm uncertain. I know that writing is more than an enterprise for me. It's a calling. Books and stories touch lives like nothing else. So who is Patrick O' and find out...
It's true..I prefer writing fantasy. Give me a dragon or a talking cat any day!
I sincerely hope you enjoy my work.
You can find Patrick on AMAZON
Charles The Cat says:
Meow. If you want to have a Meowy Catmus, you should read my book, Kris. It's really good. Especially when I rescue my boy.

And you can find Charles the Cat on FACEBOOK