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Day 5 of 12 Days of Christmas Author Takeovers featuring Kay Glass. This fun and exciting author has a lot of books available so I am only listing a few here. Be sure to look for the others on her Amazon page.

Love Bite (Just One Bite #1)
Diandra Malone is only 28 years old when her life changes forever. Years of infertility left her depressed, but she's finally pregnant. Before she has a chance to process the news, she finds out her husband has been brutally murdered.

Lizbeth Snyder was a cop before she was framed for a crime she didn't commit and kicked off the force. Living a desperate life on the streets, salvation comes from the oddest direction: the finding of Jonah Malone's body.

Now she's living a wonderful life with Diandra and baby RaeLynn. The downside? Diandra is a vampire, and Lizbeth is being hunted by a very dangerous vampire- dangerous, and held in high esteem in the community. What will the future bring for these women, and how will Diandra handle her new vampire life? Find out how life changes with just one bite...

***This novella contains adult content, including f/f relations.
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Bitten By Regret (Just One Bite #2)

Four months can change so many things. Diandra has come to terms with being a vampire and what that means for her. Lizbeth has landed a new case, and it's a nasty one: someone is selling tainted heroin on the Delaware streets, a potent mix that's intended to kill. Jonah returns, seeking a favor from his former wife, and grudgingly from her new love as well. Is a favor all he wants, or is he seeking a way back to the life he had before? RaeLynn is older, growing more every day. This special baby has more tricks up her tiny sleeves!

Lizbeth races the clock to stop the tainted drugs from killing anyone else, while Diandra deals with the regret she feels over the twists her life has taken with just one bite.
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Taste of Grief (Just One Bite #3)
Diandra and Lizbeth are back, and this time things are very different. Cocaine overdose victims are turning up in Bethany Beach and Lizbeth and Alexar are busy trying to clean it up. But when a surprising twist turns the case upside down, Lizbeth may have to compromise all she holds dear to make things right.

District Attorney Giles Carson has plans for Lizbeth, as well. He's not done with her, and he's not forgiven her for ruining his clandestine efforts. Now a death threat hangs over her head and Diandra won't just stand aside and let someone come between her and the woman she loves.

The more things change, the more they stay the same- until they change again with just another bite.
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Bite of Envy (Just One Bite #4)
Diandra and Lizbeth are back for the final installment of the Just One Bite series. District Attorney Giles Carson is still out for blood, and he's leaving plenty of it behind in a series of lesbian murders around the shores of Delaware, striking too close to home for Lizbeth when a face from her past becomes a target.

Together with RaeLynn, Adrian and Eamon, the group will face unending emotion: Love, Regret, Grief, and above all, Envy. Can they stop Carson before they find themselves grieving anew?

***This novel contains adult content, including f/f relations.***
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Puppet of the Fates (Strange Curses #1)

Serene Poole has the worst luck- and it shows no signs of getting better. Alone, lonely, she doesn't understand why she suffers the way she does- she knows she's a good person, after all. Until a dream shows her the wrongs she's done in a former life, and it all makes a kind of tragic sense.

Ryder Whyte is the boy next door, and against all odds they fall in love. She may finally have the fairytale she's waited her whole life for. But the Moirai, the Three Fates, aren't through with her yet. For their destiny is greater than that of young love, and her story will only end happily if she lives long enough.

A tale woven with true love, reincarnation, and Greek mythology, the first in the Strange Curses Young Adult series will leave you wanting more!
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Survival Instinct
Nadine Chesterfield was a forensic technician when the first body sat up in the middle of an autopsy, changing the world as she knew it. She was engaged and pregnant, and her life was all she'd wished it would be.

All that changed in the blink of an eye. The government was testing a new vaccine- a cure for the common cold- but it had deadly consequences.

Now Nadine is on the run, not just from the creatures that were once human but from the military who want to stop her before she can tell the truth. She'll meet other survivors along the way and learn that instinct is the only thing that can truly keep her alive

Available on AMAZON ebook

Kay Glass is the author of the Just One Bite series, Puppet of the Fates, and a variety of short stories. She also writes and publishes under the pen name Kendra Glenn. Kay lives in Delaware with her husband, their two children, and a variety of beloved pets. When she's not writing, she can be found reading, swimming, playing video games and spending time with her family.

You can find all the books listed above and many more on Kay Glass’s AMAZON page.
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