Friday, December 28, 2012

Review of Atone by Sarah M Ross

Atone: The Patronus 2.5
A Patronus Novella: Max's Story
Atone was simply amazing! Having read Awaken: The Patronus first, I loved reading Max's backstory in Atone. It really gives you a better understanding of Max and why he is the way he is. Because I've read both books, I highly recommend reading Awaken first and then Atone because the suprise in Awaken won't seem quite as suprising if you read it in Atone first. But that's just my opinion. Onced I picked up Atone, I couldn't put it down and I actually stayed up til 3am to finish it because I had to know what Max was really feeling knowing that his soulmate was lying in the hospital wing, healing from her injuries. When Atone begins, Max is so full of anger and resentment and to see him do a complete 180 and love this girl with every fiber of his being, willing to protect her at all costs, is so beautiful. I personally don't think that I would have felt the same had I read Atone first and then Awaken. It's always refreshing to go back in time and see something from another perspective once you've read the story. It's like seeing the story through another's eyes. Atone was simply amazing! Great job Sarah!

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