Friday, July 5, 2013

Review of Puppet of the Fates

Puppet of the Fates

I just finished Puppet of the Fates and absolutely loved it! For being only 124 pages, this book is packed with so much detail, it's amazing. The main character, Serene, is a loveable and easily identified with character. Her lack of trust in people is something I think we all can relate to. She understandably lacks confidence and therefore doesn't see within herself what those who truly love her see, another attribute I think many people can identify with. The story is well written and the detail of The Fates is clearly accurate and well thought out. I particularly liked the way the story ended and how we are able to see how the characters play out 15 years later. I wasn't left wondering, like I have been in other stories, what happens with the characters. It has a certain finality about it that leaves the reader satisfied. As I understand it, the Strange Curses series will continue, but I don't think we'll see these particular characters again, which is fine. Puppet of Fates was well rounded and I'm looking forward to more stories in this series with new characters and different storylines. Kudos to Glass!

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