Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Books to read for Halloween

This special blog post showcases several books to get you in the mood for Halloween!

RIVER OF BONES by Jodi Cleghorn

River of Bones is the ultimate, creepy, keep-all-the-lights-on book. A near ghost town in the middle of nowhere in Australia, Elyora is a town outside of time hiding secrets only hinted at. This book is suspenseful, mysterious, and terrifying. Often all at the same time.
You can find it here: AMAZON

OCCUPATION by Jeff Dawson

I loved the old-fashioned, blood-thirsty vampire clans war story in Jeff Dawson’s Occupation. The thrilling book takes place as the Nazis invade Poland with sights on moving eastward. The warring vampire clans need to cooperate in order to save their predominantly Jewish “food supply” from being relocated. It’s hard to like the vampires in this book, until you compare them to the atrocities the Nazis are inflicting. A great lesser-of-two-evils story with characters you love to hate.
You can find it here: AMAZON


Jeff Dawson had done it again with a suspenseful, engrossing short novella: Terror At The Sterling. This is a real nail-biter suspense. It's short enough to be perfect to read while passing out candy to trick-or-treaters. But be careful when you open the door… 
You can find it here:  AMAZON

I HOPE YOU FIND ME by Trish Marie Dawson

I Hope You Find Me is a dystopian book that takes place immediately after a virus has killed just about everyone, everywhere. Amid the ghosts of the billions who died, one lone survivor and her dog search for other survivors while they attempt to find someplace they can live. This book is tear-inducing, terrifying, suspenseful, and finally hopeful.  It changes focus as the main character changes her focus in a well crafted, complex story.
You can find it here:  AMAZON


C.M. Wright’s wonderful Zombie Overload series is always a great read. The delightfully snarky main character fights zombies and tries to outrun the zombie horde while trying to save her family. I love the blend of humor and horror. It makes this a fun, but still suspenseful series. The first book in the series, a novella that introduces the main characters, is free. Be sure to pick up the next four books in the series while you’re at it. Once you get going, you won’t want to stop. The first two are also available together in one volume if you prefer.
1 - Dying to Live
2 - Fighting to Live
3 - Learning to Live
4 - Determined to Live
5 - Will to Live
You can find them all here: AMAZON


Ground Zero: A Zombie Apocalypse is a story that will hold your attention to the end and you will not want to put it down! This is a nerve-wracking tale of survival and destruction that has only left me craving more. Cutter is a guy trying to deal with his own tragedies when suddenly everything around him gets destroyed, at one point literally! While only trying to make it on his own one day at a time, he ends up meeting and helping others along the way. The only drawback to this is that there are a lot of very minor characters who are so well written that you are left wondering what happened to them later.
You can find it here: AMAZON 


  1. Woot! I must read them all! :D

    Thanks for the shout out!!

  2. What great reads, all. Very nice indeed.