Friday, October 18, 2013

Introducing Night With A Tiger by Marissa Dobson

An Alaskan Tigers book
by Marissa Dobson

      For Adam Merks the Alaskan Tigers have always come first, but when he finds Robin, his loyalty is divided. His tiger demands he stay home to guard his mate while his duty to his clan pushes him toward danger.
      When a rogue shifter murders her husband, Robin Zimmer, is sent running for her life. Looking over her shoulder with every turn, she’s tired and nearing the end. When Adam finds her, she has a choice—trust a shifter or continue running on her own.
      Will Adam be able to show Robin the benefits of their mating and living within a shifter clan before the unknown scares her away?


      With the precision of years of experience behind the helm, Adam Merks landed the helicopter. The private landing strip, just south of Dallas, Texas, was quiet. The only sound he heard as he stepped onto the grass was the rustle of leaves and the chirps of birds in the distance. His rented four-by-four pickup truck was parked twenty feet ahead, shining like a black diamond in the evening sun. It seemed too clean and new for where he was going. It would make him stand out, but this vehicle was the best Connor could do on such short notice.
      Anxious to begin his search for Robin Zimmer, he tugged his small duffle bag from the helicopter and headed to the truck. With a little luck on his side, he’d be able to seek out Robin before night fell on the sleepy little town she was holed up in this week.
      Slinging his duffle bag over his shoulder, he jogged toward the truck desperate to get out of the sweltering sun. After living in Alaska for years, he wasn’t used to the heat, especially not this type in April. He held no desire to spend any unnecessary time here. The sooner he found Robin and convinced her he only wanted to help, the quicker he could return to Alaska and the cool spring weather.
      Opening the driver’s door, he found a pair of black cowboy boots and matching hat. Just the right outfit he needed to fit in at Royalwood. Tossing his bag onto the passenger’s seat, he leaned against the truck and unlaced his black steel-toe boots. All Alaskan Tigers guards wore these boots for traction in the Alaskan snow. He slipped on the cowboy boots and wiggled his toes inside, trying to get used to the feel of the pointed toe. He then reached in the cab for the cowboy hat before a quick glace in the side mirror at his reflection. Adam was stunned. The hat made him look the part, but now he had to blend in and appear to be just another southern boy passing through. In a small town like Royalwood, he would also have to act the part for people to look passed him.
      Ready to get the day moving, he jumped into the pickup and started the engine, desperate to get the air conditioning on to cool down the sweltering heat filling the truck. With the cool air circulating, he unclipped his cell phone from his belt. Sliding his finger over the screen to unlock it, he sent Ty a text message. Arrived and on my way to Royalwood. I’ll be in touch once I make contact with Robin.
      He dropped the phone into the cup holder and shifted the truck in Drive. Determination ran through him. If there was any hope to save Tabitha and all of the tiger shifters, he had to find Robin before Pierce and his gang of rogues. She held a key to Pierce’s organization, and it was Adam’s job to find out what it was.
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