Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Rise of Xosha Scavenger Hunt


“Oni. Anjyls... There's six of them about three sun phases behind us.” The squad leader reported officially.

This was not good. The horde had only been in the air about six hours now, and if the Anjyl squad was only three behind them, how many days had they been flying nonstop to catch up?

Oceanus scanned the immense stretch of water below them. After hours or searching, his eyes scouted an island. “Rose, take Jade and the browns and hide there. I will come get you when it's clear. Protect the few eggs we have at all costs!”

Rose blinked a bit surprised that she had been asked to carry out this order, then again, Oceanus tended to try to treat her like she belonged while the rest of the horde made her feel like an outcast. She shrugged off the feeling and changed her trajectory, angling down to spiral toward the appointed island. One by one the browns in the group dropped into line behind Rose with Jade taking up the tail as the wind began to pick up bringing a slight chill with it.

Oceanus did a quick count, that left them sixteen to fight, and fight he would. He turned his mass and bellowed. The others fanned out behind him.

“Obsidian, your squad will stand behind me as a buffer between the Anjyls and the others. Pyre, stand behind Obsidian's squad. You'll be safe there.”

The red looked to Oceanus like he had just lost his mind. “What?! I won't! I want to fight with you!”

“You're too young, Pyre. Now do as I command!” Oceanus growled.

Pyre growled back, his amber depths flaming. “I won't! I'm not a child, Oceanus! Jade is a child, and she's where she'll be safe. I'm old enough to fight! Father would have thought so!”

Anger swelled in Oceanus' entire frame. A taloned arm lifted and connected with Pyre's face sending the yearling sprawling. “Father is not Oni anymore! Father died like the rest trying to make sense of the betrayal of the humans! You're just like him, Pyre! Stop running to your death. If something happens to me, it'll be up to you to get everyone to the land Rose spoke of. Now do as I told you to!”

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