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Introducing KEEPING THYME by TJ Hamilton

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Keeping Thyme (Thyme Trilogy #3)

by T.J. Hamilton

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Miranda is back … and she’s back with a vengeance. Her sight is set and her target is Tench. Too many people in her life have fallen at the hands of the man who has a strange obsession for with her. Could Miranda be his next victim?She knows how her friend Sally died, but she still doesn’t know why. Could this information be the key to unlock everything the Agency needs to put Tench away forever? Or is an unlikely ally and a piece of her past the answer to it all? Her heart may be torn with grief, but her head is filled with a burning reprisal. Could Tench’s unhealthy desire for Miranda be her best weapon against him … or will she push him too far?

             The van finally veers left and I set my sights on the heavily lit-up structure of the Moscow Triumphal gate.
             The huge faded green monumental columns stretch up tall. Statuesque guards watch over the city below like dictating leaders.
             The entire architectural formation of the gates screams of the city’s communist heritage.
             As we continue along the road, the buildings begin to close in until they eventually line the street in a continuous line of endless grand sandstone terraces.
             We pull up at the lights of the Nevsky Prospect intersection. The power lines above us weave from building to building, encasing us in an intricate web from above.
             The sidewalks are filled with Russians caught in the jeans with sneakers tragedy of east European fashion.

Author Bio
TJ Hamilton Profile picTJ Hamilton is a former New South Wales Police Officer who worked in various areas of policing around inner city Sydney. She also holds a degree in Criminology through Griffith University. Her love of crime and mystery started at an early age after she read her first Agatha Christie novel at the age of nine. Her fascination with the darker side of life came from living with a high-class escort when she first moved to Sydney in her early twenties. She developed a close understanding of these ‘ladies of the night’ over the years and loved the stories they told, most of whom she has still remained friends with to this day. TJ writes about her first love, the city of Sydney, and the wonderful places around this fabulous location. Her attachment to fashion is also present within her stories, thanks to her handsome Husband and his successful international modelling career. Writing came after leaving the Police Force when she was pregnant with her daughter, she sat down one day and started typing and has not stopped since. Nowadays TJ lives a quiet life in the tropics as a devoted mother and wife who loves her kitty-cats, far from the gun-slinging and criminal-catching days of the past. The action packed life she may have once had is now relived through her sexy fictional stories of mystery and intrigue.
Twitter: T_J_Hamilton  

Fun Facts

1. My husband is a model. He was the face of Tiffany & Co for years ... and is at the same modelling agency as David Gandy! True Story!

2. I worked as a cop in the roughest part of Sydney, so I was trained in Riot Control.

3. I also worked in intelligence and surveillance for the police. We targeted organised crime.

4. I met my husband on a beach when I was sun baking. He came back with a box lined with a bag, filled with ice & corona's & won my heart instantly. We married 6 months later.

5. Give me a dead body any day, but if I see an animal dying, I go to water!

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