Monday, June 9, 2014

Review: REVOLUTION Z by GB Banks and Blaine Hislop

Revolution Z
by GB Banks and Blaine Hislop


He was the first President of the United States
Now he may also be the last...

When the resurrected general George Washington discovers the corruption now ruling the US government, he vows to do something about it. So President Washington wages war on the nation's capitol...with an army of zombie soldiers at his back.

GB Banks is a sufferer of Osteogenesis Imperfecta, also known as "Brittle Bone Disease", and has been wheelchair- and home-bound and cared for by his parents for all of his 48-years. But through the power of his imagination, he has been able to escape to far-off lands and go on magical adventures, and now he hopes to use that very same ability to better his life, to give back to his parents for everything they have done for him throughout his life, and to free himself of the fear of being left alone and placed into a nursing home when they are gone. He has published several works in small publications over the last few years, but his dream is to become a full-time, financially successful author so that he can finally live a more independent life and be able to travel to see the numerous places that he has only been able to explore in his fantasies.

Among Banks' works are the novel "Three Hours to the Apocalypse" and the series WALKERS, which are stories based in the universe of The Walking Dead. His latest book is entitled "Revolution Z", an epic zombie war novel.

Blaine Hislop is a writer from Canada who loves zombies, vampires and, basically, telling a good story. His other zombie novel is a post-apocalyptic thriller, "Deadlands: The Last Stand." It is a novelization of a story by Gary Ugarek that features a desperate, tightly-knit group of people brought together in a world populated by ravenous zombies, madmen with guns and no conscience, doomsday weapons, and creeping terror. Each day, the survivors wake up not knowing what fresh horrors await or which one of them will be next. It is, above all else, an account of family and of survival in a maddened world where death and destruction can come at any time.

Also, as a lover of the world of Stephenie Meyers, he wrote "The Cullens". It's a story that focuses on the relatives of The Cullens and features dynamic characters and a growing love story between William Cullen, a handsome, young vampire, and Samantha Carlton...a Werewolf. It's a serious and respectful parody about a great series. I'm a huge fan and I want to play in that great world and pay tribute to it. I hope you will take the time to check out "The Cullens" and support this growing series. His latest book, "Revolution Z", was co-written with author GB Banks.

Revolution Z gets off to a slow start. Like a freight train, chugging away but the power is there from the beginning. You can almost taste the suspense. Things roll along, slowly picking up speed until you realize there is no stopping it. I normally don’t like books that don’t jump right into the action from page one. But page one of this shows some mystery people in haz-mat suits taking samples from the dead and dying in the middle of a war. There is a lot of description, internal struggles and external silence. It reminds me of the mindless cloned stormtroopers from Star Wars crossed with The DaVinci Code and written by Clive Cussler. A beautiful blend of science fiction, mystery and suspense. 
I think a few areas could have used so tighter editing. For example, in one paragraph, a character’s name appears a dozen times. A few pronouns to break it up would have been better. 
One of my favorite scenes: George #1 uses ornate, descriptive speech and euphemisms. George #2 speaks in short, terse barked commands. #2 tells #1, (I’m paraphrasing) “Relax, dude. Get with the times.” 
I recommend this book to anyone who likes history, political suspense, and of course, zombies. I give this book 4 ½ stars. 

This review is written by Kelly and may not necessarily represent the views of others at Ravenz Reviews.

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