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Sweetest Curse (Miami Mermaids)
by Susan D Taylor
Genre: Paranormal Romance
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When the Kratos, God of War steps down from his position on Mount Olympus to became a mere mortal on South Beach, things don't run according to plan. For the last two years, Wyatt and Marissa have operated under the radar of the supernatural realm until they meet and instantly become star-crossed lovers. On her wedding day, Marissa receives a visit from one of the Fates warning her of those who wish her harm and foretelling a prophesy involving her unborn child. Hours later Wyatt suddenly loses his ability to breathe while asleep. As the ancient curse that plagues all mermaids who dare marry a mortal is played out, the immortals didn't count on the ability of Wyatt and Marissa to harness the power of their love to triumph over the ill-fated odds.

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Meet Susan

Image of Susan D. Taylor

Susan Taylor is the author the Miami Mermaids. She also writes under Susan Arden for the Bad Boys, Ruler Breakers, and Rocky Mountain Shifters series.
Check out Susan's blog to keep up this sweet & spicy romance world. Stay in touch. She adores hearing from you.
Twitter: @romancebysusan

I had the pleasure of interviewing the charming and lovely Susan. 
Q - What was your favorite book as a young child? 
Susan - The Little Prince. My father gave it to me three times growing up. Either he forgot, or thought it was that important that I have so many copies. LOL. I adore the line and have spun it over and over: “Here is my secret. It is very simple: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

Q - How do you think your early favorites affect what you like to read and write today? 
Susan - I’m a romantic through and through. When I read and write, it’s the heartfelt hellbound love affair that sets me on fire.

Q - What made you start writing about Mermaids? If you could, would you want to be a mermaid? 
Susan - My daughter has a rare medical condition known as Ondine’s Curse. Named for a myth about a mermaid. This story has been with me for a lifetime and Sweetest Curse was one way for me to come to terms with a condition called a curse. My daughter just graduated from graduate school, so I thought it was time to set this story free. 
Would I want to be a mermaid: ABSOLUTELY!!

Q - Are there more Miami Mermaids in the works? 
Susan - Not right now. 
This story took a chunk of my emotional currency to release. I want people to know what someone like my daughter goes through, night after night, and the story behind the condition.

Q - If you could have lunch with any author, who would you choose and why? 
Susan - Nicole Kuhn. Author-Mother-Human extraordinaire.
She has helped me so much in this mermaid endeavor. I love how she is so totally devoted to her daughter. Nicole is a great role model for other writers and parents. So yeah, when I’m up in the Northeast, I hope to break bread with her.

Catch the first book in the series here:

Risk isn't something Marissa does well...her mermaid life depends upon secrecy and well laid plans, not blind dates and mojitos. But when her newest client, Wyatt Herndon walks into her realtor life all thoughts, plans, panties pretty much ignite. 

Wyatt needs a broker, not a gorgeous siren to set his fantasies on fire. Sparks fly over dinner from their out-of-control chemistry leaving Marissa and Wyatt ready to combust. During a night of crazy hot passion, they are put on a collision course with destiny. 

Convinced he's found his dream girl until she disappears and he uncovers Marissa really is a siren with a closetful of secrets. Does being a mermaid become the ultimate deal breaker, or will Wyatt go after a love that includes finding his soul mate? 

Hold onto your hats! Super Hot Erotic Fairy Tale. 
Mermaid fantasy written in the fairy tale style of a happy-ever-after and then some.

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