Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Day 1 of The 12 Days of Christmas

Kay Glass is the author of the Just One Bite series, the short stories Heaven Can Be Hell and Table of Blood, and the upcoming Strange Curses series. She also writes and publishes under the pen name Kendra Glenn. She lives in Delaware with her husband, their two children, and a variety of beloved pets. When she's not writing, she can be found reading, swimming, and spending time with her family.
Just One Bite series
Diandra Malone is 28 years old, pregnant, and newly widowed. Lizbeth Snyder is a former cop with a chip on her shoulder. Against all odds they fall in love and life is good... Until the bite. Now Diandra is a vampire, and a new mom to boot! Together she and Lizbeth will uncover a secret Diandra's husband never wanted revealed, raise a very special baby, and come to grips with a life that changed with just one bite.
Four months can change so many things. Diandra has come to terms with being a vampire and what that means for her. Lizbeth has landed a new case, and it's a nasty one: someone is selling tainted heroin on the Delaware streets, a potent mix that's intended to kill. Jonah returns, seeking a favor from his former wife, and grudgingly from her new love as well. Is a favor all he wants, or is he seeking a way back to the life he had before? RaeLynn is older, growing more every day. This special baby has more tricks up her tiny sleeves!
 Lizbeth races the clock to stop the tainted drugs from killing anyone else, while Diandra deals with the regret she feels over the twists her life has taken with just one bite.
Diandra and Lizbeth are back, and this time things are very different. Cocaine overdose victims are turning up in Bethany Beach and Lizbeth and Alexar are busy trying to clean it up. But when a surprising twist turns the case upside down, Lizbeth may have to compromise all she holds dear to make things right.

District Attorney Giles Carson has plans for Lizbeth, as well. He's not done with her, and he's not forgiven her for ruining his clandestine efforts. Now a death threat hangs over her head and Diandra won't just stand aside and let someone come between her and the woman she loves.

The more things change, the more they stay the same- until they change again with just another bite.
Diandra and Lizbeth are back for the final installment of the Just One Bite series. District Attorney Giles Carson is still out for blood, and he's leaving plenty of it behind in a series of lesbian murders around the shores of Delaware, striking too close to home for Lizbeth when a face from her past becomes a target.

Together with RaeLynn, Adrian and Eamon, the group will face unending emotion: Love, Regret, Grief, and above all, Envy. Can they stop Carson before they find themselves grieving anew?

Other Works
Elsa Morgan had a life most people would envy. She had two great loves in her life, had two beautiful children, and she died peacefully in her sleep at the age of 58. She was thankful for her life and the blessings bestowed upon her...

Until she arrived in Heaven, finding both her loves waiting none too patiently for her, and both men eager to renew their lives together. No, physical pain doesn't exist in Heaven, but Elsa's heart can still break. Who will she choose, husband number one, or husband number two?

She didn't remember when it started, but as far back as Tamara Morris could remember, her mother and grandmother went antique shopping every Saturday morning. She had even enjoyed going with them as a child. There were wonders to be found around each corner, whether it was an antique dress dummy or wall to wall bookshelves. Her love soured on a bright, sunny Saturday when she was only four. That was the day they had found the table.

And so it begins for Tamara when her grandmother brings home a coffee table from the antique store. Her grandmother lovingly cares for the table but it isn't what it seems. And if Tamara isn't careful the table will love her... to death.

What lengths would you go to if your child was dying? If there was a way to save your child's life, would you do it, no matter how wrong it might be? Is any length too far to go to keep your child alive?

These are the questions Angelica struggles with. Knowing her son will die without the liver transplant he so desperately needs, she heads down a dark path to save her son.
Upcoming Books
Meet Serene Poole, a 16-year-old girl with horrible luck. As if life's not hard enough walking around with a name like that, she's a walking disaster. She can't seem to go a day without getting hurt. Sometimes it's a splinter, sometimes a paper cut. Other times it's a trip to the emergency room for stitches, casts, or both.
In the midst of a dream, she learns the truth about her life. Having committed a horrible crime in a past life, Serene is cursed by the Three Fates to have horrible luck until she pays off her karmic debt. Will she survive a life of one accident after another, or will her luck run out?
Author Interview
What inspired you to write your first book? Actually, Love Bite was inspired by a phone conversation with a friend. We were discussing and debating current books in the vampire genre. All of a sudden it became, "Wouldn't it be cool if...?" and the next thing I knew, I was writing.
How did you come up with the titles of each book ? I wanted titles that went with the themes of each book, yet all tied together with the series itself. Love Bite- the first book is about, above all else, love. Bitten By Regret featured a strong theme of the regrets in life, while Taste of Grief... oh yes, there is grieving. And of course, envy was the underlying theme to Bite of Envy. Bite, bitten, taste... they all lead back to the vampire genre.
Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp? That above and beyond all else, from beginning to end, there is love. That's the most important theme in the series.
Are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life? *laughs* Not even close! But the characters grew on me, nonetheless, and developed from what was originally one book into a short series.
What books have most influenced your life most? It may surprise people to know, but my go-to books when times are tough and I need some support outside my circle are In His Steps and Fireproof.
If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor? Without a doubt, Aiden James. He's been an amazing supporter. I contacted him first as a fan, and then he was a mentor to me. Now he's also a friend, and I'm more thankful than I could ever say. He's an amazing writer, and a wonderful person.
What book are you reading now? I just finished reading the Inheritance Cycle series by Christopher Paolini. They were absolutely amazing! My Kindle is stocked full of books to read and review for fellow authors, and I also downloaded Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter recently as I hear it's amazing.
Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest? Many! Too many to name, actually. Recently I've read works by Michelle Wright and Jaime Johnesee and I love their unique writing styles, but there are so many others that I don't have the room to list them all. Nowadays my reading tends to stick within the indie community.
What are your current projects? Having wrapped up the Just One Bite series, I'm putting out a story that's kind a side note to the series, simply titled Eamon's Story. Many people have asked for more detail about his life before meeting Diandra and Lizbeth, so I'm happy to oblige. Also, I'll be starting a new series, Strange Curses. It'll be a young adult series, very different from the Just One Bite series, but also paranormal. Each story will center around a person cursed by the Fates for a karmic sin. I'm anxious to start on it and see where it takes me!
If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your books ? I already have! The great thing about self publishing is that if you're not satisfied, you can go back, edit, and republish a newer edition. I feel I've grown as a writer since Love Bite first came out, and I've gone back once and edited it. I may do so again in the future, but for right now I'm happy with it.
Do you recall how your interest in writing originated? I've always loved writing, as far back as I can remember. School papers, poetry, even something as simple as keeping a diary growing up. I've actually considered putting my poetry together in an ebook and publishing that as well. Maybe in the future...
Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing? Editing and formatting! I love sitting down and writing the story, but the formatting process to get it ready to publish in all the different outlets online is an annoyance.
What was the hardest part of writing your book? Knowing when it was time to stop! The characters write the story themselves- that's how it feels to me. Often I've wanted to extend a scene, flesh it out, add a few more sentences or paragraphs, and they just don't work. The characters set the tone- I'm merely the hands that type it up.
Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it? Self confidence. I'm not a confident person, and I have a tendency to put myself down. I'm not thin enough, pretty enough, smart enough... Writing has given me a measure of confidence in myself that I've never had before. It's amazing to hold a paperback copy of my work and say, "I did this."
Do you have any advice for other writers? Don't stop! Write what speaks to you. If you don't believe in what you're writing, the reader won't either. If you love what you're writing, someone else will, too. And above all, keep writing. Ignore the criticism and do what you love. In time, you'll be so thankful you did.
Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers? I want to thank each and every one of you for believing in me. I would probably still write even if I didn't sell anything, but I would lose the heart to try and do anything with it. Every message, every review, every email... they keep me going, and they motivate me to be better than I am. Your support means more to me than I could ever convey in mere words. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.
What would you do in a zombie apocalypse should it occur on Black Friday? *laughs* Zombie apocalypse- my favorite topic! See, I already have a plan of action. I'm holing up with my family in Walmart. I figure we can form a little community there for awhile, bar the doors... there's food, clothes, weapons, everything we'd need to survive for awhile. We could organize ourselves into a little community and set up runners- those who would scavenge for supplies and survivors. See... I have a plan!
If you could be any Christmas character, what would you be and why? Oh goodness, a toughie! I often feel like Bob Cratchett, if that counts!
Fav Christmas Movie? The Christmas List. I love the idea of the perfume girl suddenly getting the life she wishes for just because she filled out a Christmas list.
Fav Christmas CD? These Are Special Times from Celine Dion, or any of the A Very Special Christmas series of albums.

Fav thing to do for the holidays? Watch my kids' faces light up when they open their presents. I love the joy I see in them. I also enjoy watching my hubby become a kid again when he gets down on the floor to play with them with their new toys.

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  1. Thanks so much, Raven! It was an honor and a pleasure working with you on this, and I appreciate all the time and care you put into this event.

  2. Great interview Kay and Raven. The characters writing the story is an interesting concept- almost like you are possessed and they are trying to extract themselves from you. Thanks for the advice to not stop writing and to love what you write- very inspirational.
    The first day of Christmas has been great.

    1. That's almost exactly how it feels! And that's how I know the story is going well. If I have to push to write it, I'm doing something wrong. This may not be the case for all writers, but to me the characters are very real- and very demanding!

  3. A great start! Well done ladies!

    1. Thanks, Jeff! Raven is awesome, isn't she? This was a lot of fun. I look forward to reading yours!

  4. Great interview Raven and wonderful answers from Kay. I have read many of Kay's books and find them interesting and intriguing. The are full of love and insights into alternative lifestyles - even if the lifestyle is that of a Vampire. I look forward to reading her new series Strange Curses. I hope it proves to be a huge success and leads to many other great things. Thank you Kay for being my Friend.

    1. Aww, thank YOU, Linda! <3 You've been an incredible friend, and I'm so glad we've connected. I, too, have high hopes for Puppet of the Fates. it's very different from my usual work, but that makes it all the more fun! Thanks for hanging in there with me from the beginning!

  5. Very nice interview ladies. Kay, I'm going to check out your books, they are just what I like to read. Good luck.

    1. Thank you, Debbie! I had a lot of fun with this interview. Some of the questions had me laughing, some had me thinking really hard, and the whole thing is fun. If you decide to pick something up, I hope you enjoy it! Have a great evening!

  6. Awesome interview, Kay! I can relate to it all. The characters do write the stories. I love the voices in my head. I'm at Wal-Mart with you, btw. ;)

    1. Awesome! The more the merrier! And thank you- glad to know the voices and I aren't alone. :-D

  7. Love the interview!! I love editing!!! If you need my services you can contact me!

    1. Thanks so much! I'll definitely keep that in mind. Have a wonderful night!

  8. Hi kay, stopped by to visit, checked out your blog and video. Your coming series sounds haunting, the best kind of reading. Will share and congratulations on the event. Will be previewing the next 11 days, to the count down. True when writing, the characters take on a life of their own. Happy Holidays.

    1. Thanks so much! Puppet of the Fates is definitely flowing better than I could have dreamed, and will make a wonderful start to the series. Happy holidays to you as well!

  9. Two people already answered the question, editing and formatting. I know two very talented editors with reasonable prices. Happy Holidays again.

  10. Loved your post and your interview. I enjoy learning a little bit about the authors. Your series sounds amazing and I can't wait to start reading it.
    Thanks for sharing