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Day 6 of The 12 Days of Christmas

Natalie Gibson
I love books, always have. I love paperbacks. Hardbacks, not so much. I loath dust jackets - so cumbersome. I adore my kindle. It allows me to purchase whatever book I want without having to face the checker with my bright pink book covered with swarthy and/or sweaty man on the front. Thank you, Amazon, for allowing me privacy concerning my kink.

I have one daughter, Gwendolyn Ygraine, who is horrible and awesome all at the same time. She may rule the world one day, but I warn you, it could be as an evil genius. She's four. I have 3 cats (Virgil, Trailmix and Mauvra), a dog named Hitchens, and several fish. I have a regular 9 to 5 making home loans. I love bad coffee and a good bloody mary. I love to play card and board games and I am a sore looser – the worst. I was born and raised in East Texas and I have lived as far from home as Austin, Texas. I've just taken my 13thweeklong (some longer) trip to Walt Disney World in Florida and will flip out on you if you accidentally relate it to Disneyland in California. I hate sports of all kinds. I hate the heat of summer. I drive a fully electric Nissan Leaf and LOVE it. I have a Bachelors of Fine Arts from the University of Texas at Austin, with a focus on Classical Acting and a minor in History. It is a totally useless degree but I wouldn't change a second of my college time for the world. Instead of acting, or clubbing, or dancing, or spinning fire poi, or any other hobby, I write. I love to create worlds and put characters in them to see what happens. That is why my books are all so different from each other. I let them become what they are - I try not to get in the way of their growth. I write what I like to read. I like worlds filled with magic and mythos. I like adventure stories where there is all action and little down time. I like mystery, romance and racy sex. I like to put super-humans in ordinary circumstances and ordinary mortals in impossible conflicts. I like a really bad, bad guy.

I currently have three series out for public consumption. All of my books are for adults only. I can't even think in a G rating.

Natalie's Published Works
The Books of Sinnis
The Books of Sinnis are contemporary paranormal romance heavy on the erotic. Each one, save the first, follows a demi-god and a woman from his mother's bloodline as they discover each other and the strength that being together brings. Ishtar Bound is the first in the series, my first ever book, and is more of a prequel to the series. Yes, you should read it first so that you have the back story but don't worry if it isn't filled with enough magic and mystery. Transit of Ishtar follows Nathalia and Eiran. It is my personal favorite and it has more than enough action and adventure and a whole shlew of nasty creatures. Ishtar Anomaly seems to be the readers' favorite and it is a little different because it is a love story between 3 people. Ishtar Rising is the last one I have published and takes place in a small town not unlike the one in which I grew up. Veil of Ishtar should be out by year end.
The Carrier Trilogy
There is only one currently available in this series.  Hateful Burden is a gaslight era paranormal horror novel.  It is dark and creepy and dirty in a way only gaslight can be.  It has adult themes and situations, and though there is sex, it is NOT a romance, nor is it very erotic.  It is a psychological thriller where friends and foes are not always who they seem. In this dark urban fantasy, paranormal powers are bred and collected.  It stands alone, but the second in the Carrier Trilogy will be out next year.
"Lady Ramillia Winmoore, daughter of the Earl of Brooksberry, has suffered from gaps in her memory for her whole life. Because this blessed blackness takes her whenever she is threatened, she never knew pain, or even discomfort, until the day she awoke strapped to an examining table in West Freeman Asylum for Lunatics. Imprisoned for the gruesome murder of her parents and having lost ten months to the darkness, she endures years of tortuous treatments in that grimy hidden cell. Her benefactor and betrothed, Sir Julian Lawrence, helps her gain her freedom but at what cost? Ramillia encounters more horrors in his household than she ever did in the asylum and is introduced into a society of blood-thirsty cruel immortals. She is told she too is the carrier of a gene that will allow her to live forever and they, the Incola, can teach her how, if only she will join them, accept their way of life, and serve as their prized breeding mare. Ramillia must break free of a prison she cannot see, kill an enemy that cannot die, and find a daughter she does not remember birthing, all with the help of an ally she does not know. Can she trust Sally? Is the mysterious and frightening woman truly trying to save her or is she saving Ramillia for herself?"
Mount Haven Quickies
This is my new series of erotic short stories.  They all skate around 10,000 words with 70 to 80% of those going toward sex.  Each one is different, with a different subject matter or kink, but they are all set in the fictional town of Mount Haven.  They are all contemporary with no hint of the paranormal, which is difficult for me.  I am really enjoying writing them and hope to have something erotic for every reader eventually.

Claire Cover to Cover is BDSM. "Claire is in control of every aspect of her life and she is bored out of her mind. After catching her assistant absorbed in a book, she goes in search of that escape. Nathaniel sees something in her immediately and wants it for himself. He knows what she needs is less control, less escape. Will she follow him or continue on her vanilla path?"
Nanny Service is m/f/f. "Vicky and Clint have been married for 12 years. Though very much in love, their lust for each other is definitely waning. They run into their old babysitter, Chelsey, who's home from college for spring break and hire her so they can have a romantic night. She is not satisfied just being the nanny anymore and pushes herself into their sexual adventures. Will her services save their marriage or destroy what little connection they have left?"
Coming soon

Blind Furry should be available soon. It is a regular m/f except...there are animal costumes involved. I think it is pretty funny and the sex scenes are actually hot despite the odd 'kink' involved. You guys are getting a sneak peek at the cover.

Author Interview
What inspired you to write your first book?   I wrote little sexy scenes at first just to get laid. I found myself wondering what these 'people' were like in regular situations and poof, the novels were born.

How did you come up with the titles of each book? My husband, Eric, names my books.  He also does all of my covers by hand and I think they are great.

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?  My first thought to this was, "No, absolutely not."  I write for entertainment.  My own and that of my readers.  But after a few minutes, I guess there is.  I am all about strong female characters with fire, spunk, and attitude.  Yes, in the paranormal romance genre there has to be a man and a love story but that happens while the female lead is kicking ass and taking names.  She is always the focus.  She always saves the day.  So I guess my message is... Be as proud of your vagina as a man would be of his penis.  Women are magical.

Are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life?  Well, everything is based on real life, at least a little.  I can't write about it if I can't relate.  Just like every female is a little bit me and a little bit my best friend.  I write horror, paranormal romance and erotica (so far) and obviously I don't personally know any psychopaths or serial killers or demigods or vampires. 

What books have most influenced your life most?  Oh, man.  That's a big long drawn out answer.  I will try to be brief.  Christine Feehan's Dark Series is the first thing I read for fun after college.  It drew me into the paranormal romance genre and I never looked back.  Anya Bast and Nalini Singh are a couple other PNR writers I love.  I love a good old school sci-fi or fantasy book.  There are too many to list. 
If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?  To be a mentor I would have to have a pretty close working relationship with a person.  I don't have that with anyone.  I wrote four books before letting anyone but Eric read them.  There are many who have supported me in the eight months since I first indie published my first book.  I found a whole community of support on the web and am so thankful for them all. 
What book are you reading now?  Blood Betrayed by Gabrielle Bissett, Bite of Envy by Kay Glass, Kendra Kandlestar and the Crack in Kazah by Lee Edward Fodi.  I am the kind of person who likes to have several books going at the same time.  My commitment to providing proper and thorough reviews to indie authors has curbed that desire.
Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?  Yes.  I don't know how new they are but I have given 5 star reviews to the following authors in the last few months: Hailey Edwards, Tara Wood, Jennifer Blackstream, CD Hussey, Katie Jennings, Kendra Glenn, Calista Taylor, Rebeka Harrington, Luke Romyn, Lori Devoti, and Mercy Walker
What are your current projects?  I have so many projects in my head and so little time to get them down on paper.  I am finishing up Veil of Ishtar, book of Sinnis 5 and starting the final book 6 of the series.  I am also working on my erotic short series, Mount Haven Quickies.  Blind Furry is in editing, In The Can is about 50% finished and another one, as yet unnamed is outlined.  I am in the planning stages for book two of my Carrier Trilogy, Dreadful Secret, the follow up for Hateful Burden.  (Eric hates the working title, Dreadful Secret, but I like it.  He names my books but I may have to challenge him on this one.  What do you think about it?)  I am writing a stand alone vampire romance but who knows what it will turn out to be once the stewing is done.
If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your books ?  Occasionally one of my strong female characters crosses that line into bitchy.  I never notice it but sometimes reviewers do.  I neither deny nor confirm that I would, if given the chance, change that.
Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?  I have always loved reading.  That is where the interest originated.  A love of reading must proceed a love of writing. 
Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?  Dialogue is the hardest, especially when I have to write two men talking to each other, or if a scene needs comedy.  I can be pretty funny in real life but capturing that feeling is difficult.
Do you have any advice for other writers?  Write.  Put in the time.  Don't talk about it.  Do it if you are going to do it.  Talk about it when it's done.  Spend the time researching and plan, plan, plan out the plot.  Don't just sit and expect to be able to write something brilliant with foreshadowing and elaborate twists without a solid outline.  Don't be married to the outline either.  If you get a good idea, change your plan.  Write what you would like to read. 
Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?  Thanks for taking a chance on an unknown.  Keep reading what you want.  Don't let the big publishing houses decide what you want to read and what you don't.  There are millions of stories out there you might love but miss if you don't take a chance.
What would you do in a zombie apocalypse should it occur on Black Friday?  I hate shopping.  There it is.  I said it.  I hate going in a dozen different stores just looking.  I hate trying on clothes.  I hate standing in line.  I would never get up early just to save 20% or even 75%.  I will pay the extra and shop online.  I do love me some deliveries.  As for zombies -  I love zombie apocalypse talk.  Eric has plans.  We probably wouldn't survive for long - I am in terrible shape and can't run worth a damn - but we would do better than many.  As to it happening on Black Friday - I probably wouldn't notice anything different.  The footage on the news of two women yanking out each others hair over a stupid Elmo doll already looks like the zombie apocalypse.  Those of you who know me know that I am just waiting for the excuse to cut somebody or bludgeon a mass of morons - that's why I daydream about the zombie apocalypse.
If you could be any Christmas character, what would you be and why?  Santa, obviously.  Stopping time, traveling the world, ninja-like home invasion skills...not to mention all those free cookies.

Fav Christmas Movie ? Elf with Zooey Deschanel and Will Ferrell.  I think it is hilarious.  Followed closely by National Lampoons Christmas Vacation and A Christmas Story.

Fav Christmas CD? Tony Bennet - The Christmas Album - I think it is subtitled, snowfall

Fav thing to do for the holidays ?  Spend time with Eric and our daughter Gwendolyn.  On Solstice night we drink wassail to each other's health, burn a yule log, and talk about what a great year we've had and what we want out of the coming year.  We do a Solstice tree in the yard.  It's a tradition I just made up but I think it is quite good.  We go to my parents for Christmas day and do brunch.  My mom's hashbrown casserole, Aunt Pat's made from scratch cinnamon rolls, and Aunt Peggy's sausage quiche are to die for.
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