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Day 3 of The 12 Days of Christmas

Karli has always blazed her own trail, whether popular or not. She has three wonderful sons and is contently married to a supportive husband. Her passion outside of writing is photography and all things natural. She is an Autism advocate and enjoys hiking, bike riding and family.

Karli was born deep in Cherokee Nation Indian Territory where she grew up loving everything paranormal and has even, first hand, witnessed a womanly spirit. The sighting, as it is referred to, occurred in Eureka Springs , Arkansas one of the top ten most haunted hotels, The Crescent Hotel. This experience captured Karli in ways that have expanded her beliefs about the possibilities of other realms.
As a teen, Karli was an avid reader; she sought out solitude for her passion in nearby Indian Graveyards. Although writing was something that has pulled at her most of her life, it wasn't until a recent visit to a Shaman, who saw her spirit's need for creativity that she truly began down the path.
The Crescent Bound series is her first work which will consist of five books in all. She is simply thrilled to be able to share all the adventures of Alyssa Worthington with you.
Karli's ideal world would be one of open-minded kindness from everyone.

Karli's Published Works

Alyssa Worthington is the daughter and sole heir to the most prestigious coven in the witch world. Her childhood has been spent in the mundane human world learning to blend in and hide who she truly is, and it is here, during her last year that she meets a striking ex-high school quarterback from a small town in Montana who will turn her world upside down.

Alyssa holds the element of fire, unlike her best friends Lisa and Megan, who are both air elementals. It is the elemental powers that reside inside which require positive thoughts and positive actions in order to maintain this magickal connection. What would happen to a witch that let this get out of control? How can evil become the driving force behind revenge and death?

Dark secrets, dark magick and a desperate desire for revenge will bring Alyssa to the brink of destruction. She is being chased, but this pursuit is a silent one and her chaser has but one goal, Alyssa’s complete and total destruction. Will she overcome this dark threat and begin to live out her destiny? Will she survive and if so, will she lose herself as part of the price for being alive? Or, will her destiny rest on being crescent bound?
A Witchy, Fun Ride!
Crescent Bound is a story about friendship, love, loss and...witches. It's the first in a series. I was intrigued to read the story told from Alyssa's point of view; the young, beautiful, sexy and strong female lead
By Trish Marie Dawson
Amazing Book
Ok this story was incredible, I couldn't stop reading it even when I tried.
By Beth

A couple bound eternally by love like no other in the witch world. All their spellbinding desires are to lead a true love story together, which unfortunately is not what fate has in store for them. A secret is being kept, and this secret has found its way into the possession of a dark magick. A darkness hidden eons ago in the underground of the already mysterious world of witches, and this dark magick called the Brotherhood thrives among the powerless.

Some secrets are not meant to be kept…
Sam Vanikey is under tremendous pressure.

His new gallery opens in less than a month and he has yet to produce any art in over a year. His inspiration is gone after leaving Angie and depression threatens to rob him of the life he loves. Sheila, his supportive sister sequesters Sam on an exclusive island getaway off the coast of Seattle.

Getting his life back together is his goal. As he relaxes on the beach searching for relinquished insight, something happens. This sends Sam into a series of unforgettable events. It will test everything that is important to him. In the end, will Sam claim his much needed inspiration and become the all aspiring painter he dreams to be? Or will fate decide?
 Love the cover; it's what caught my eye
Karli did a good job of keeping me glued to my chair until I finished the novella. I like short stories and novellas for when reading time is short, especially for doctor/dentist/etc appts. Since there are no partial scores, have to give it a 5* because a 4 is too low! Thanks, Karli, and I would definitely look for works by you again.
Jan Taylor “Janelle Taylor, author ( Georgia )

Mesmerizing short story

A mesmerizing short story that mixes whimsy, mystique and an enchanting mermaid. The setting at a private beach house gives an instant feel of solitude and from the beginning you feel as though you can hear the waves crashing and feel the sand between your toes. The intensity of the relationship between David and Jewels is a little quick but considering it is a short story and that she is a siren I guess one can not expect any less. If you are a particular fan of mermaids don't miss this one.

By Margaret (Literary Chanteuse)

As succulent and sweet as the cover

Don't judge a book by its cover? Well, on this one you can. I was intrigued by the fantastic, artistic cover, and was happy to find 'Seducing a Mermaid's contents to be just as good of quality. I loved the story and how it was told. It was very mystic and seductive, as the mysterious woman Jewels is in the story.

By Derendrea
Would that be Sexy Vampires, Ghostly Thrills, Paranormal Exploits, Zombies or the Grimm Reaper himself? Well you just may get it! Join six authors this Halloween for a wicked Anthology full of Tricks and Treats
Mattie is just a girl on the way to a party, meeting up with friends and looking to enjoy the night. Graham is the new guy in town and the one throwing the party. His plans are repetitive and predictable until this one girl shows up with an attitude that is to die for...
Coming Soon
 My world just turned into a reality of my vision I recently foresaw. I now hang in the balance of agony in a pit of darkness. I am completely suspended in mid-air, restrained by some unknown force, and clinging to the emptiness that swallowed me into a continuum. Drained of all my powers, I can only abide my time and await my return....
Author Interview
What inspired you to write your first book? (Dream sequence) I had been deep undercover in the Amazon trying to break up a poaching ring, and then I got a call from him. He swept in and took my breath away as I chased him to his hidden lair in the dark reaches of the Orient. After that little tiff, I began to write. ;) 
(It seems that my dreams are always the culprit in inspiring all my stories.)

How did you come up with the titles of each book? For the Crescent Bound Trilogy, each title symbolizes each novel distinctly. And for Seducing a Mermaid, I wanted a bold illustration for the core of the novella, which properly depicts the story.
Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp? Honestly, each novel has a little caveat. Mainly, to keep an open-mind, to hope, and to believe in the simple mysteries in life such as love and romance. We all have a choice and manifest our own reality. I chose to share mine with my readers and I hope it helps them at some level, at least one time in their life, to choose open-minded kindness over the alternatives.

Are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life? I grew up hard and fast. This brought me a plethora of experiences, of which some are incorporated into my writing.
What books have most influenced your life most? I have over five hundred books that I have read in the last three years. I would not know where to truly begin. I will say this, and I quote, “If you don't have time to read, you don't have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.” ― Stephen King

If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor? Oh, I think I just gave that one away above.
What book are you reading now? The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay

Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest? Mina J. Moore, Heaven Leigh Eldeen, Samantha Young, Tarryn Fisher, Teresa Mummert, are extremely talented authors that I admire dearly.

What are your current projects?

Pine Needles – Book one of the Veil Realms Series.
Daylight - Novel from the short story "No Death For The Wicked"
Demon Bound – Book three in the Crescent Bound Trilogy
Shadow Bound – Prequel to the Crescent Bound Trilogy
Ice Bound – Crescent Bound, retold by the leading man’s point of view.

If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your books? Oh no, I believe that everything I experience is meant to bring me knowledge, and help me grow as a human being.

Do you recall how your interest in writing originated? I follow my own passions. I do what I do, because I love doing it. My love of books guided me down this path of writing; it’s just part of following this fervor.

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing? I would say I find more of a challenge outside of the actual writing. I handle all aspects of my books. Writing, editing, formatting, book covers, publishing, marketing, etc. Reaching a balance with all of the roles I play is where I find my biggest challenge.

What was the hardest part of writing your book? There is nothing hard in doing what I love. I would say that there is no feeling like it when I get that spark of an idea and then creation kicks in and my imagination is brought to life. What a cool thing to do.
Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it? I am always learning. I love the time travel of writing. I capture a moment in time and freeze it until some time in the future a reader unthaws my words and absorbs them, creating a wonderful and exciting time exchange. In their present, they are reading my present that has slipped into the past and in some cases the words describe our future.
Do you have any advice for other writers? Write with extremeness and don’t hold back, it shows if you do. Tell the best story you can, this is the most important thing. The best you have is the least your readers deserve. Each book should be better than your last. The lack of quality in your writing, whether it is editing, formatting, writing skill, or believability of the story, will flash like the landing of a UFO in your front yard and it will scream, “Don’t read me!” And on top of all that, write, write often, write a lot, never stop writing!
Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers? Read what you love, there’s nothing better in the world than sitting up late in the middle of the night reading a great book. You may have lost a few hours of sleep, but the story clings to you for the rest of your life. I have several books that have done just that, and I always make a note to the author of how much I loved their book. Whether it was through an email or a comment on their website just a small token of my appreciation of their work.
  What would you do in a zombie apocalypse should it occur on Black Friday? Excellent question, I would raid the Bass Pro Shop and a Hummer Dealership before heading to my private island.
If you could be any Christmas character, what would you be and why? Jack Frost’s trippy little sister, Jill. She is the one that designs all the snowflakes and makes those picturesque scenes with snow that you see at Christmas time. ;)

Fav Christmas Movie? Elf
Fav Christmas CD? Anything with ‘Carol of the Bells’.

Fav thing to do for the holidays? Saddle up the horses and ride through the snow up the mountain. Following the path to the secluded cabin tucked away on the edge of the pine forest. Bring a cozy fire to life in the natural rock fireplace. Bake the most succulent ham with all the fixings and put some champagne on ice. Brew up the best cup of coffee on the planet. Walk out to the covered front porch and sit down with a warm blanket tucked around my legs. Breathe in the cold, chilly air with the hint of the fire roaring inside and watch the snow fall across the winding river valley below. Walking back inside and watch the faces of my family as we all open gifts.
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  2. Great interview Karli. I loved when you said that there is nothing hard in doing what you love. Oh so true. You seem so open, free and relaxed about life and writing, as if you one day opened your arms and said, "Let it come!"

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    I love Karli's Books, 1 of my Favorite Authors!! I love to pimp her on my FB WALL

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