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VETERAN’S DAY! It’s one of those holidays no one who isn’t related to a veteran knows what to do with. How about this? Read a book written by an author who is a veteran or active duty military. Help out with a books for vets project. Check out some of these and if you can recommend others, please leave details in the comments.

Casey Sean Harmon is the author of the popular book for young pre-teens, The Ever After Story. He has also published the diary he kept while he was in basic training, Becoming Private Harmon. In it you will find how he changed, his attitudes, his confidence, and his writing style. The now Captain Harmon says there were other interesting things that happened, but he was so busy that he often didn’t have time to write. Rather than add those in later, he released his journal as it was originally written. I highly recommend this book for all young men and women who are considering a career in the military. 

Casey’s The Everafter Chronicles is a fun, fascinating and original fantasy story.

Gail Winfree joined the Army and was sent to the Defense Information School where he studied journalism. The training and experience he received in the Army has been invaluable to his writing. He says, "As military journalists, we were prepared to go anywhere in the world and use whatever was available to us to get the news out. Writing was simple and clean, no gimmicks, no computer, no Internet, just a pad and pencil, a typewriter, and a 35mm camera. We learned to do it all."
After leaving the Army, he wrote and published "K-town: A City Guide" in 1987. It was the first English language book about Kaiserslautern (a city in southwestern Germany with a large U.S. military population) and sold very well locally. Since the book was a local guide, it was self-published and sold locally. That was quite a feat in those pre-electronic, pre-digital days. Again, his Army training paid off.

In 1994, he went to work for the USO in Kaiserslautern where he's currently the tours and marketing manager. He also publishes the monthly USO magazine, Kaiserslautern Kabel, for the English language community here.

Several years ago, Monika and Gail bought an old (built in 1875) farm house in a small village in the Palatinate Forest area where they spend a lot of time working on the house and in the garden.
His first novel, "Finding What's Lost," was published in October 2012. It is the story of a young man who grew up far too sheltered. When tragedy strikes, he loses everything he thought he knew about himself. His journey to find out who he is takes him in some very unexpected directions. Told in memories, musings, letters and prayers, this is a fascinating book of discovery.

Newest release:

T. L. Decay began writing during his deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. He will soon retire from the military and spend his time with his wife, two kids, and a furry companion named Cookie. He enjoys engaging readers with hard hitting, action based horror stories as well as thought provoking poetry. T.L.’s works can be found with J. Ellington Ashton Press.
He won the 2011 Preditors and Editors readers’ poll for best poet.

Sample Poetry from Random Scary Writings

Delivery came she preened
Into a vase that gleamed
New preserving spray
Flowers last till end of days
Extract of bone and blood
Processed from undead ones
Initial panic was overcame
Undead now commodity claimed
Preservative now their fate
As well as long lasting paint
Undead flowers never fade
Flowers last till end of days

Ben Coleman is a professional novelist and historian and veteran. He lives in Tennessee with his beautiful fiancee and six muppets (rescue dogs).
He is currently working on a project called Carry The Colors : a collection of five anthologies of military science fiction dedicated to each branch of service.
He also writes Epic fantasy, historical fiction, romance, and more.
 Note, you can help sponsor his Books for Vets campaign and get yourself written into one of his books. This is an amazing opportunity to do something to help hospitalized veterans and military men and women. Read all about his wonderful project on his website:

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Dylan Cross is an independent author of erotica. His titles include Fair Trade, Road Trip and Left To Her Own Devices. Cross is a former Marine and software developer, and is the founder of the Erotic Authors Forum Facebook community.
His short stories and novellas are scalding hot, sexy fantasies! CAUTION - His adult-only books are highly addicting.
He can also be found online at

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