Monday, November 4, 2013

REVIEW: Raven's Secret

Kelly's review of Raven's Secret by J. Matthew McKern

Raven’s Secret is an intense, fascinating book. It is told out of order, each chapter is in a different place on the timeline, but it is very clear and easy to keep track. The writing is strong and suspenseful, with a great balance between description, dialog and inner dialog. I was drawn in from the first paragraph. And I absolutely love the descriptions of how it feels to transform from human to raven and back. This is absolutely NOT your typical supernatural teenager book! It is touted as a YA book, but I highly recommend it to anyone age 16+. I give it 5 stars.

Everyone wants something from Branwen Riley. All Branwen wants is a chance at a normal life but cancer is going to steal that chance from her.

From a very early age, Branwen has known that she possesses abilities that set her apart. These abilities are the reason her mother uprooted her life again and again, always running from the truth. When she’s given a chance to join an experimental treatment program, her secret may end up being the one thing she has left to offer.
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