Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bitten by Regret (Just One Bite)

Bitten by Regret
by Kay Glass

Ms Glass continues to suprise with this second installment in her series of a charitable vampire andher detective lover who stop at nothing to be together. And baby RaeLynn is just as cute as ever! In Bitten by Regret, Diandra struggles with the guilt she feels over being happier with Lizbeth than she was with Jonah. Jonah pushes to be more a part of Diandra and RaeLynn's lives while vehemenently despising Lizbeth for taking his place, both with his family as well as his job on the police force. When Diandra lays down the rules that if Jonah wants to spend time with RaeLynn, he'll have to do so with both Diandra and Lizbeth present, Jonah doesn't respond very well. He decides that since Lizbeth is the only thing standing in his way of returning to his family, she must go, permanently. Meanwhile, Lizbeth closes the case on the tainted heroin she has spent months working on and Diandra continues to acclimate to her new life. The sex scenes are just as steamy and the suspense just keeps on comming. A great sequel to Love Bites. I can't wait to see what happens next.

finished August 9, 2012

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