Sunday, September 23, 2012

Chasing Shadows

Saphrona Caldwell is a 233 year old vampire hybrid who has spent the last 150 years wondering when her bondmate (soulmate) would finally make an appearance in her life. However, she hasn't spent her life pining away, solely waiting for that man to arrive. She spends her days tending to her farm, caring for her animals and writing vampire tell-all books under an assumed name. Saphrona is definitely not your typical vampire hybrid. She has abandoned the vampire community save for her brother Lochlan. After learning that her father, Diramid, never even tried to save her mother's life after giving birth to her, Saphrona left her vampire life behind and chose to live as normal of a life as possible, for a hybrid anyways.

Enter Mark Singleton, ex-marine, who answers an ad for a farm hand that Saphrona has placed in hopes that having a farm hand will give her the opportunity to dedicate more time to her newest novel. Upon first sight, at long last, Saphrona has found her bondmate. And Saphrona also knows that Mark is not 100% human, though what exactly he is, she does not know. When Mark arrives back at the farm with his belongings, he brings with him his beloved dog, Angel. Upon this second arrival, Saphrona senses yet another supernatural being. Angel is actually a shifter, though Saphrona isn't quite sure what Angel's connection to Mark is. After Mark turns in for the night and Saphrona is in her office doing some work, there's a knock at the door. Saphrona opens the door to find a naked young lady standing in the doorway. After getting some clothes for "Angel" and offering her a bite to eat, the two women settle in to talk. Angel is in fact Mark's sister Juliette, and Mark doesn't have a clue.

This is a story of love overcoming adversity, overcoming tragedy; love that transcends all else and comes out the victor. There is blood and sex, but how could there not be. This is a vampire story after all. I should mention that I could feel a "Twilight" vibe from Moore, and trust me, that is not a bad thing in this case. I have read some cheesy vampire novels where I've stopped and said "Oh come on!" But not with Chasing Shadows. It definitely stands on its own  and does so brilliantly.

The end of Chasing Shadows left me wanting so much more and though the author has not said to me one way or another if she plans to continue the story, I feel confident that we have not heard the last Saphrona, Mark, or any of the other wonderful characters. Personally, I want more Lochlan =)


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