Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Killer My love

My Killer My Love
by Mona Karel

First I have to say that this book was absolutely awesome! It brought up so many emotions within myself; sadness, hope, joy, anger.Kendra's character really resonated within me. I could identify with her on so many levels; the lonliness, poor self-esteem, the feelings of not being worthy of love, the physical pain she endures and lives with daily. I don't recall anytime in the book where she even complains. Her misfortune makes her a stronger woman, stronger than she even realized within herself. When Mykhael appears in her life, it gives you hope that this young woman can rise above the negative forces that have plagued her life. She handles her misfortunes with grace and dignity. When her cousin Clarissa plots to sell the cottage and land that was left to Kendra when her Gran unexpectedly passed away, Kendra, with Mykhael's encouragement, stands up to the pushy Realtor and refuses to be forced into selling the land. Kendra recognizes that Gran's cottage and the surrounding forest are special and are to be protected at all costs. Though Mykhael was sent to punish the owner of the land for defiling it, he quickly realizes that it was Clarissa who defiled the land and not Kendra. But the Atrahasis don't care. They just want someone punished for the defilement. Mykhael faces a hard decision when he realizes that he cannot harm Clarissa either because that would in turn hurt Kendra. He goes against the Atrahasis by refusing to complete the mission he was sent for. During their time together, Kendra and Mykhael fall in love. Their love affair is passionate, yet tastefully described. I know for myself, I was really rooting for this unorthodox couple to make it, to be given the chance to let their love flourish. Karel really leaves you on the edge of your seat until the very end, wondering if these two have what it takes. This book is a must read for anyone who wonders if hope can be restored after tragedy.

finished July 11, 2012

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