Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Taste of Grief

Taste of Grief
by Kay Glass

In this 3rd installment, Taste of Grief leaves you with a taste of suprise! No sooner has Lizbeth closed the case of the tainted heroin when a similar case pops up with cocaine overdoses in people who have never used drugs before in their lives. While working the case, Lizbeth suspects she knows who is behind it and if she's right, she knows that person will never see a court room, at least not from the defendants chair. Going against all she believes and stands for, Lizbeth makes a difficult decision in framing another drug dealer for the murders so that the real perp cannot continue his sick method. Lizbeth starts getting death threats and Diandra refuses to leave her alone until they can figure out what to do. Diandra hadn't wanted to leave Lizbeth alone, but Lizzi had assured her that she would be safe at the precinct. Well, while Lizbeth is waiting for Diandra to pick her up from the station, the real perp makes good on the threats. Can Dia get to Lizbeth in time or is she too late to save the woman she loves? You'll have to read it to find out. No spoilers from this chick! =)

finished August 16, 2012

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