Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ishtar Anomaly: A book of Sinnis Book 3

Ishtar Anomaly: A book of Sinnis (Book 3)
by Natalie Gibson

With each new installment in the Sinnis series, they get hotter and steamier and Ishtar Anomaly does not disappoint. In this third installment, the focus is on Camilla, the Healer of the Daughters. Being a healer, Camilla's ability cannot distinguish between a tumor and a wanted pregnancy therefore she cannot be near any woman who is pregnant and unfortunately, that includes herself. Camilla desperately wants children but her ability will not allow for her to carry a child. Nanae, a  Nephilim  and a Healer, has agreed to use his abilities to block Camilla's abilities so that she may be able to have a child. The only problem is that  Nephilim  cannot produce children. Enter Israel, or Izzy as he is affectionately known. Izzy has agreed to be the sperm donor for Camilla. The trio quickly become more than partners in a joint endeavor. They all fall in love with each other and produce some of the sexiest, steamiest, and hottest love making scenes I've ever encountered. Camilla indeed conceives a child and has no problem with her pregnancy. It isn't long before Izzy begins to feel like the third wheel in a supernatural steam room. Izzy professes his love to Camilla and Nanae but doesn't get the response he was hoping for. Instead he meets Nanae's Beast and his life is forever changed.

Meanwhile, the Paion make yet another appearance in. They are still hell bent on obtaining  Nephilim  blood and this time, they put Camilla and her baby in jeopardy. When Camilla's little brother is dying of cancer, she and her men travel to Utah so that she can heal her brother. While healing him, the Paion show up and kidnap Camilla and Nanae, taking them to a warehouse they have set up with what they think is a full proof way to finally get his blood.

Will Camilla lose the baby because of the Paion? Can the trio survive Izzy's insecurities? You'll have to read Ishtar Anomaly to find out! You won't be disappointed.

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