Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Forbidden Touch

Forbidden Touch
by K.S. Haigwood

I really enjoyed this book. It's filled with many twists and turns that always leave you wondering "What could possibly happen next?". Ciera is a 300+ year old vampire who has been watching and secretly helping homicide detective Mitch Foley solve a serial murder case, only Mitch has no clue about Ciera's help. After a month of hiding in the shadows, Ciera is forced to reveal herself to Mitch, putting both of their lives in danger. While on the run from not only the cops who have made Mitch the prime suspect in the very case he's been working, but also from her family that wants them dead, Ciera and Mitch fall deeply in love, discovering that they are soulmates. But can someone have two soulmates? An unexpected turn of events seperates Ciera and Mitch. During their seperation, certain events take place that alter the relationship between Ciera and Mitch and their uncertain future. This is a great story of love, tragedy, and hope. A definite Must Read!

finished July 18, 2012

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