Thursday, September 6, 2012

Transit of Ishtar: A Book of Sinnis book 2

Transit of Ishtar
by Natalie Gibson

E.L James has nothing on Gibson!

In Book 2 of the Sinnis series, the Daughters are mourning the death of their beloved leader and sister, Abbess Nathalia Lovejoy. Maeve has stepped in as interim Abbess until a new Abbess can be appointed. While adjusting to her new role and responsibilities within the coven, Maeve also has her new role of wife and soon-to-be mother to adjust to.

Nathalia, who has died by her own hand, is now more alive than ever. She is the First female guardian and has been given the responsibility to kill anyone who breaks Ereshkigal's Law. Erian, Nathalia's guardian, takes her and helps her acclimate to this new life. But he is so much more. He heals Nathalia's heart and she can see, for the first time, that all men are not evil creatures.

A new threat plagues the Daughters and Nathalia reveals herself to them while combating this new threat. The Paion are back and more evil than ever. But together, Nathalia, Erian, the Daughters and the Guardians abolish the current threat. Current being the key word because by no means is the threat gone for good.

Transit of Ishtar is superb and once again, Gibson leaves us wondering what will happen next. This second installment is hot and steamy, allowing the mind to wander into "naughty" territory. Move over 50 Shades of Gray, Transit of Ishtar is hot hot hot!

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