Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Love Bite (Just One Bite)

Love Bite
by Kay Glass

Although this is a short story, I really enjoyed it. I'm a sucker for a good love story, especially between two people that truly deserve to find happiness. Diandra is a recent widow who is also pregnant and Lizbeth is a homeless woman who found Diandra's husband Jonah's body. Their unlikely friendship takes a romantic turn as they help each other through pain, greif, and heartache. Diandra's life is forever changed when she's bit by a vampire and goes into labor all at once. With Lizbeth's help, as well as the help of Eamon, the vampire mentor assigned to train Diandra and help her acclimate to this new life, Diandra transitions beautifully into her new life. All is well until Diandra and Lizbeth uncover the truth behind Jonah's murder and discover that not only was he not "permanently" killed but that he was the vampire who bit Diandra. They also discover that Jonah wasn't the hero cop everyone thought he was, but instead, one of the leaders of a drug ring in Bethany Beach. Although short, this story is full of action and OMG's! A definite must read!

finished August 9, 2012

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