Tuesday, September 4, 2012


by Christine Hughes

Torn is quite simply amazing. Hughes holds your attention from the very first chapter, dangling you with suspense and anticipation.I could literally feel the emotions that Samantha was emenating just pouring off the pages. You really have to feel for Sam as her life as only she knows it is yanked away from her and she's thrown into a battle between light and dark with Samantha being smack dab in the middle. She deals with love, loss, betrayl, grief, and transformation in such a short period of time, you wonder how she can handle it. But she does, the only way she knows how. I found myself becoming angry right along with Sam as she discovers the biggest betrayl of her life. Amidst the chaos, Sam finds strength through her growing love for Ethan. They are both fighting the feelings they have for each other while also fighting the darkness they were both born into. When they're both betrayed by the person that they least suspect, the battle to balance the light and dark takes precedent over the love that they can't ignore. Hughes leaves you on the edge of your seat as one battle ends and the war continues. I can't wait for the sequel!!!!

finished July 13, 2012

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  1. I agree with synopsis 100%. An excellent read.