Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Save my Soul

Save my Soul
by K.S. Haigwood

This is one of those books where you really wish the outside world would stop disturbing you because once you pick this book up, you can't put it down. Kendra is a 29 yr old freelance photographer with a great big house she had custom built on the outskirts of town. ( I so want this house btw). Kendra is in an accident while repelling off Dead Man's Cliff and falls to the bottom of the ravine. She's rushed to the hospital where Dr. Adam Chamberlain fights to save her life through emergency surgery. During the surgery, Kendra dies on the table twice. After bringing her back for the second time, Kendra's condition stabalizes. Throughout the entire ordeal, Kendra is consciously aware of what is happening but she doesn't understand how she can hear everything going on around her. While Kendra is in recovery, still physically unconscious, she hides within her mind, alone with her thoughts, or so she thinks. Her gaurdian angel Rhyan makes his presence known, as well as Dr Chamberlain's gaurdian angel Coen. Together, the angels inform Kendra that they will heal her completely and allow her to go back to her life IF she can save Adam's soul within 1 week. Coen explains that Adam's soul is lost, that he is a disbeliever in God and needs help finding his way back to the good side. Although reluctant that she can actually help Adam, Kendra agrees to try. Afterall, it's only her life on the line. When Kendra made the deal with Coen, she didn't realize just how difficult the task would be. Save my Soul is filled with one suprise after the next, suspence, and love. I generally don't like books about religion, but I didn't feel this book was religious. It was more about good vs evil, choosing what's right over what's wrong. When a book can evoke multiple emotions out of you, you know it's powerful. That's what Save my Soul did for me. I laughed, I cried, I yelled, and I got angry. My heart skipped a beat then started pounding in my chest. I felt joy and sorrow. And in the end, I felt peace.

finished July 22, 2012

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