Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Twin Flames

Twin Flames
by Debbie Christiana

This was truly a fantastic book. Twin Flames captured my attention from the first page and held it til the very end. Natalia is a forty-something living in Connecticut running her family's vinyard and winery. Marcos is a renowned chef who runs his family's restaraunt in New York City. While visting the city with her two best friends, Natalia meets Marc at his restaraunt. Both feel an immediate and unexplainable familiarity with each other. Everytime there skin touches the other, they feel an electric current that they know is not normal. After a few meetings together, it is undeniable that there is some type of connection and both become obsessed in their own ways with finding out what this connection is. Through the insistence of Mariella, Marc's aunt that raised him, Natalia and Marc decide to try a past-life regression to find out what makes them so drawn to each other. What they discover far surpasses anything they could have ever imagined. Twin Flames is quite romantic in an "old-soul" kind of way. Being in different places in their lives, Natalia and Marc decide to go their own seperate ways. That is, until an accident throws their lives into a tail spin. Through tragedy, a manipulative (in a good way) aunt, and a very persistent ghost, Giovanna, Natalia and Marc find their way back home, where they were always destined to be. 

finished August 25, 2012

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