Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Echo of an Earth Angel

Echo of an Earth Angel
by Sarah M. Ross

Another great book from a very talented author! Once I picked this up, couldn't put it down. What I really enjoyed was the pride of her hometown shown countless times throughout the book.

Echo of an Earth Angel introduces us to Tessa, an 18 year old girl who should have died a year prior in a shooting at a gas station, but instead, was saved by a rogue Healer angel, David. While healing her, David went a little too far and as a result, turns Tessa into a Healer Angel just like him. Tessa starts realizing something is seriously wrong with her when her hands start glowing, and David knows its time to tell her the truth. What follows is a series of events that should have never happened because Tessa should have died as well as events that maybe are just a result of pure Destiny. We'll just have to wait to find out when the next book in the trilogy is released this winter. Well done Sarah! Well done!

finished  August 2, 2012

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